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Many have been reporting overwhelming energies… Please know this is a collective phenomenon… That is, it’s happening to everyone, and though you do need to find the way to process these energies at every level of your being, it’s important to remember at all times, you are not alone. We are all caught in this huge wave of intensity. At the moment the wave is ebbing, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful than it is when it’s flowing. Ebb and flow are two ends of the same polarity and it’s vital to begin realizing this, without the usual mental processing (ie judgments) that have gone along with the experience of any duality for so long.







Toward the end of the day Venus retrogrades back into Pisces, taking the heart recalibration into another chapter of the backwards journey. The heart begins to resonate with Neptune instead of Mars, and that is quite a different frequency. It should be easily felt. (But it won’t happen till the end of the day).

Venus will now spend the next two weeks moving very slowly back over Varuna, Saturn and Chiron. (She won’t actually back over Chiron, but she will make her way to within a few minutes of the Master Healer/Teacher before she goes direct and makes her way back over these same degrees (and planets for another couple of weeks, till the beginning of May).

This Pisces retrograde part of the journey takes our hearts to a much higher, more enlightened place, if we can allow it. (The way to allow it is to consciously stay out of your head). There’s a lot mre heart space available to us as we move through the limitless realm of Pisces.

When Venus stations to go direct (on April 15th) Mars will come to a new cycle with Sedna on that same day, giving a new structure and meaning to the current Light Bridge that is made up of Aries and Libra planets. That Light Bridge is delivering us to a newly awakened state and the capacity to connect from there to the consciousness of Oneness and Unity.

To that end, TODAY, Ceres manifests with Pluto, and though it may not be immediately obvious, Ceres is about to receive Mars for a new cycle that will charge up the ruler of the physical body for it’s new cycle with Sedna on April 15th. AND Pluto is a major player for two reasons. First, he is currently serving as a significant intersection (in the form of a stepping stone to Jupiter, part of the Light bridge.

This Jupiter Pluto stepping stone is the second of three (it began last November), and is giving us all the most profoundly objective capacity to resurrect our consciousness in ways we have never known before. This intersection is a major reason why we are all feeling such profound energies during this ebb of one of the most major waves we have ever undertaken.

The Ceres Pluto manifestation ALSO promises each of us a major and very conscious rebirthing today. After all, the Great Midwife is present, and she always delivers.

Stay tuned to you, and if you’re in pain, move your consciousness to your higher Mind, which has the power to take you past all discomfort.


“Looking at my life
I see that only Love
Has been my soul’s companion
From deep inside
My soul cries out:
Do not wait, surrender
For the sake of Love.”

– Rumi