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Boy that Saturn station sure seemed to turn things around, didn't it? The polarization process continues, and though some of it is very difficult to See, a definite shift in the energies has occurred, as though Source Itself stepped in to ameliorate some of the toughest parts. Of course, everything is a matter of ow you focus and what you decide to look at. We are in a major transformational moment, and there's no getting around it. But Saturn's station on the Galactic Center promises to bring some semblance of DIVINE order into the mix, if we are willing to allow it, and willing to See it for what it is.











Today the Sun comes to light up and add even more energy to the already high frequency Light Bridge in a polarity with Jupiter. The intersection with Pluto follows, and then the connections with Eris, Uranus and Haumea occur right around the Full Moon on the 11th. This upcoming lunation promises to deliver a jolt that can take us to an entirely new chapter of our transmutation. Adding the co-rulers of the Spiritual Body (the Sun and the Moon), the generators of our consciousness,  to the ongoing Light Bridge of Awakening to Unity consciousness promises a transmutation so profound that it's completely safe to say it will change life as we know it.


It's not possible to say where the Truth will emerge. Since Mars is moving more swiftly than either Mercury or Venus, it is likely to show up in the physical world. Well, we are seeing some very explicit effects of the current energies in the world. I learned a major lesson yesterday around this.


I have been having fun practicing watching the local stories from the Light Bridge. I am a great lover of reality shows, and I have been observing the state of the world (via cable news, MSNBC) pretty much 24/7, and experiencing it like the greatest reality show ever. Fro the observer's perch, the 3D shadows, with all the horrors they contain, can be seen to be unreal.


However, yesterday I saw pictures of a young father carrying his two 9 month old twins in Syria. He thought he had saved them from the chemical attack but they died in his arms. His wife died too. He was inconsolable. In that moment I jumped off the bridge in a sincere desire to go to him and help. But that is not reality either. And it caused me some very intense sorrow. The suffering I did was the result of taking it in too deeply and considering that it is real.


It is not real. Nothing physical is real. My point is, it is SO much easier to observer from the 5D bridge, where it is so much easier to remember the Truth and stay out of the emotional drama that can take us down so easily. Our job is to stay focused on the Love that emanates from the heart and share that, without wavering, as freely and fully as possible.


The next two weeks are filled with even more energy than we've seen recently. The changes continue to come. It's interesting that we are looking at a chapter that seems to be a four year story line. Yet anything and everything can change in the blink of an eye. Even so, it is not real, but it is appearing as it is to reflect the collective consciousness. We must look, without getting caught up in it, so that we can see, once and for all, that it's all illusion, nothing more.


Only Love is Real.


"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you."

- Deepak Chopra