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Today's entry opens and closes with channels from brilliant Jan Finley. Jan said she channeled this in response to my writing about the recent Mars Quaoar manifestation:

"It is through our connections to the people, places, four leggeds, concepts, and so on around us that we need to communicate, not through words. This is the essence of the Divine Feminine rather than the chatter of the mind. It is direct connection and communication, which leads us directly to oneness.

We are being drawn back (forward?!) into the realm of the Divine Feminine, the Triple Goddess, who governs all of life and watches over our journey through this earthly existence from birth to death. The mother who makes difficult discussions for her children. The mother who nurtures and guides us. I hear her voice, listen to me . Pay attention. The time is now. Come together. Observe and nurture your connections. It is a time for roots to grow from your heart, while your hands are open and freeing. This is not holding on, unwilling to let go. This is a knowing, an acknowledgment, a welcoming of the divine connection that unites all of life on this earthly plane. Allow this connection to deepen and listen to what it shares with you. But know this, the triple goddess has no fear of cleaning house.










The topic of the Triple Goddess, or the fully restored Divine Feminine, is front and center now, as the Light Bridge generates a High Way to Unity consciousness, and Uranus and Eris, fully half of the Bridge,  transit the Sedna of everyone born between 1944 and 1965. The fully wholed Divine Feminine is being awakened in each of those souls, and the LightBridge is connecting all those Sednas with Jupiter and Haumea as well.


This Divine Feminine part of each and every one of us is not just being restored, it is delivering us all, as a whole, as a collective, to an entirely new realm of social and spiritual consciousness. It is coming into being in stark contrast to the polarizing world that is so powerfully coming apart so that it can be resurrected.


The Light Bridge is still manifesting, all the way through to September. And by then the lower body rulers will make their way around to the Jupiter Haumea portion of the bridge. What would unifying duality be if we didn't have the chance to unify with all parts?


And I noticed that late in 2018 Venus will retrograde in Libra back and forth over Haumea. Venus is also the last to come into contact with this manifesting Light Bridge (she'll be there in late May). When it comes to this total and complete transmutation process, the heart is bringing up the rear, the body began it. Venus and Mars, co-rulers of the Divine Feminine, do truly seem to be bringing the feminine into a new paradigm.


It is the Divine Feminine in each of us, functioning from a very high dimension of consciousness, that has set about this cleaning process that will make the new unified world possible. It's a bit freaky... Despite the fact that fear does not exist in 5D, we are still capable of fear pangs' whenever we temporarily get pulled into 3D.


But we know there is nothing to fear and everything to hold the space for. It's why we're here. To come to Know our Selves, and to hold the space of Love and Light for the world. Stay tuned to you.


"Fear not, Child of Light. Miracles happen every day. We watch, we guard and we will keep you safe. (I felt humor here) When all hope seems lost; while all seems to favor the "opposition", dig deep within yourself for that is when hands reach out to help.  This moment in time has been long forecast and awaited.  Do you Think we would allow it to be anything other than the awakening and rebirth that it is? Do you think we do not stand by, all of us, to support, protect, challenge, defend and correct the balance? Rest safely in the knowledge that all is well and shall be and that you will indeed be *here* to enjoy those earthly delights you so desire (more humor).  Our arms enfold you; our hearts embrace you.  Most of this battle takes place on dimensions that do not, at this time, concern you.  The outcome is assured and you rest in the shelter of our love.  Be at ease."

Channeled by Jan Finley