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If you were looking at the aspects that are taking place this week and you didn't include the 5D planets, the very intense energies we are experiencing right now would not be very obvious. It is the 5D planets and the way they are lined up right now that are reflecting the transformational events that are taking place. When we look at what's happening with them, everything that is happening makes sense, even if it hasn't become crystal clear yet. Because these planets reflect the higher consciousness we are fast coming into, it can be said that what is taking place here is a shift into a higher state of being, even if it feels chaotic and ungrounded.












It is not possible to leave one dimension and move into a higher one without leaving the ground. This is the essential and very vital purpose of the Light Bridge, which is solidifying more and more each day and serving to hold the higher space for us by providing a platform and observer's perch that is simultaneously transmuting us all the way to the cellular level.  It serves so many purposes and I am convinced it is THE most substantial evidence of the new order that is manifesting.


The Ceres Sedna new cycle the other day produced a major shift in the male/female balance. It is so profound that is it is evident in the 3D world as much as it is to the awakened eye. A very long lived patriarchal institution, FOX news, underwent a total and complete transformation when it decided to fire its star, and honor the word of the women who had the courage to speak out against the abuse they experienced at the hands of the "star". Yes, it's happened before, but this is a huge shift. There are women who were not paid off to keep quiet who are no longer silent.


It kind of reminds me of Elizabeth Warren in the Senate reading a letter from Coretta Scott King to the members of congress about Jeff Sessions in an effort to prevent his nomination and she was told to sit down and be quiet. The Divine Feminine is gaining momentum, even if it looks like the patriarchy is being particularly nasty. These are dying gasps and it is actually very heartening to see things turning around. The Senator who silenced Senator Warren states "Still, she persisted" and that has been turned into a major slogan for the grass roots movement that is taking hold in our nation.


It's going to get messy. But it's all about moving to higher ground. We must be ungrounded before we can plant our Selves in newer territory. It won't hurt us to be ungrounded for a little while. After all, if we weren't in physical bodies the ides of ground would be completely meaningless.


Mercury and the Sun have both made contact with the Moon's nodes in the last day or so. When Mercury completes his retrograde journey (and he stations right inside the Light Bridge), we will get it. And so will the rest of the world. We're talking about two weeks or so. We must hold the space of Love and Higher Truth.


“We do not live on the Earth, we are a part of how the Earth lives.”

~David Richo