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As we move into Unity consciousness, an interesting thing happens to the duality we have been so accustomed to. For many years we learned to turn our gaze toward the higher Self, and eventually to stay attuned to it with great discipline. As we gain a deeper connection with Source through this process, the lower self takes on a whole new meaning. A focus on the higher Self delivers us on a more and more consistent basis to the observer's perch. At the moment, the highly energized Light Bridge serves as the perfect platform from which to observe the world as it polarizes in preparation for the reunification process. The more we gaze at the local world, the more obvious it becomes that what is going on 'out there' is completely connected to the process going on within each of us.









Does that make sense? The world that is expressing so much division and separation right now is the perfectly polarized version of the new world that's emerging. That world expresses unity and unwavering wholeness. It is time for us to realize that there is no difference between these two worlds. As the holders of space for the new consciousness, it is a major part of our purpose now to See the disparate "sides" of the process that is taking place for the oneness that it truly is.


Is the heads side of a coin truly separate from the tails side? Slightly different maybe, but certainly part of the exact same thing. In this same way, it's important to begin to realize that everything that takes place in the world can and should be seen as a mirrored image, a reflection of what is going on within..


Today's Sun Uranus new cycle (see yesterday's blog) wakes us up as completely as we are capable of right now. That will be a different experience for everyone, but it is the awakening, nevertheless. Today also features the Mars Sedna new cycle that fuses and brings to and end and new beginning the transmutation process that is being generated by the ongoing Uranus/Eris- Jupiter Haumea Light Bridge, with its life infusing Sun energies and the Pluto intersection that makes resurrection possible at this time.


The local world is reflecting the unification of divine masculine/feminine energies with the intensified efforts of the old patriarchy with its corresponding negation of the female realm. The deliverance of the 'Mother of all bombs" to Afghanistan yesterday speaks of this lower expression of Mars/Sedna. It's vital to recognize that this is the exact counterpart of the higher manifestation this aspect is reflecting. Mars, the new co-ruler of the divine feminine coming together with Sedna, the re-membrance of the feminine offers up a new kind of wholeness, in sharp contrast to the secretive, apparently major setback that appears on the 'other side' of this coin.


It's all the same. It's all a oneness. The most powerful expression of the patriarchy HAS TO be expressed as a most powerful reunion of divine Self takes place. There is no other way. Whatever happens in the world will reflect the blast that takes place when the reuniting occurs. And it is occurring. Focus on the divinity of it all, and not on the division.


We are in the Venus station today, and Venus is with Chiron as she turns direct. This is perhaps a blessing in disguise. The heart heals and is made whole again under this connection, and the heart is standing by as we begin to perceive the truth.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Mars Sedna new cycle. These two planets dispose the Light bridge and bring the entire transmutation process to its True essence. Stay tuned to you and your higher Self for the best view. The following meditation passage is reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:

Taurus 26:  Grotesque rocks in a sand garden.

A mode of perception which is both idiosyncratic and highly evocative. Seeing certain factors as so very vital. Often these are the ones commonly overlooked. Missing many factors often taken as the whole of what is happening.

                Being brought into a distinctive, unique, specialized, highly individualized form of awareness. This brings with it huge blunders and so much wisdom on tap. It is a matter of recognizing that something is missing from this picture, yet that what is known matters greatly.

                An assignment. A cosmic task. Go in there and see what is obvious, yet overlooked. Don’t concern yourself with all the things the others are preoccupied within. It is your part to recognize and point out what is crying to be salvaged and restored to it’s rightful place.

                A very peculiar edge of eccentricity, of going off the deep end. Almost going out of one’s way to court the exotic, the forbidden, the neglected, the places that perhaps don’t need such exhaustive fascination. Yet it is true that somebody here must love and identify within and track through the spaces which are not so comfortable and easy to grapple with in any other way.

                One jeweled wonder comes forth from this realm. If we can see with new eyes and share what we glimpse, we can actually restore a shared feeling for what seems to have been left behind, but is coming toward us from the future. If we can enter upon the Mysteries of these interior realms, even the ones dark and forbidding, we can tap a lost chord and make sure that the synthesis we are all contributing to encompasses those x-factors which upset the (status quo) and the fixed assumptions.

                We still are captivated by the strangest things. And we may get pretty far lost in there. Sometimes you need to be gone from ordinary consciousness to probe the innermost secrets."


"Ultimately, we have just one moral duty: to reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves, more and more peace, and to reflect it towards others. And the more peace there is in us, the more peace there will be in our troubled world."

~ Etty Hillesum


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