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When I think of resurrection I think of Pluto. And Pluto is just pulling into his retrograde station, making him more potent than usual. Well, if were being real, Pluto has been more potent than usual for quite some time. I personally think it started back in 2006 when he was “demoted” to dwarf planet status. The planet that stood for metamorphosis was finally undergoing a metamorphosis of his own. THAT was the moment Pluto grew into himself. He became the gatekeeper to the new consciousness when we realized he was sitting at the entryway to the Kuiper Belt. That Belt expanded our Soular system by many times, (originally they thought is was 3X, but it turns out to be WAY more than that). The Kuiper Belt houses all the 5D planets, and Pluto, it turns out, delivers us to them.










Then, in 2007/2008, Pluto came together with Jupiter and these two keepers of most giant energy began a new cycle together. That cycle began smack on the Galactic Center and continued across the world axis to 0 Capricorn. That foretold of a very significant Jupiter Pluto cycle indeed.


Just recently we experienced the second of three Jupiter Pluto stepping stones, which represent the closing square of this 12-13 year cycle. These two will come together for a new cycle in 2020, 2021, at 2 Aquarius, and Saturn will join them, making for yet another wildly significant new cycle.


Jupiter and Pluto are currently in a stepping stone which is part of the major intersection that is currently generating the Light Bridge to Awakened Unity Consciousness. Jupiter and Pluto arguably deliver the greatest bang for the buck whenever they get together. Jupiter is most expansive, and Pluto is most collective, and it’s hard to find a combination that is more far-reaching.


Combine this stepping stone with the other three planets involved, Uranus, Eris and Haumea, and we have the makings of a resurrection of the highest order… at least the highest we’ve known to date. Today’s Venus Mars Resource makes it possible to open up and surrender to these larger than life energies. We can feel them, but we have yet to understand what they bring.


That’s partially because Mercury is retrograde. Mercury is making his way back to the Light Bridge, where he will go direct on May 4, and Venus has just gone direct (yesterday) and will make her way to the Light bridge in mid May. At that point we will have some real awareness of what all this energy is about.


But it won’t be a mental kind of understanding. It will be the result of allowing our Selves a full blown experience of energy way grander than any we’ve ever known, fearlessly and with the willingness to let it all be. Only when we have allowed our Selves to move through this humongous transmutation will we be able to say we get it.


And of course it is possible to get it right now. Everything happens in the now. When we know that, we know everything. When we don’t get that, then the most important thing to get is that we don’t know anything. How much we know is a function of our capacity for presence.


If you’re able to be fully present today, you might just get to experience your own resurrection as it happens. Stay completely and totally tuned to you.


“Be not the slave of your own past-
plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep,
and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience, that shall explain and overlook the old.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson