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REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for my 2017 Summer Retreat to Chalice Well, England!

AUGUST 19 – 25: CLICK HERE for details and to get on board….

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In case you didn’t read the comments yesterday, I am reprinting something offered by Lauri. (Thank you Lauri!). It speaks for itself…

“The Aramaic word that Jesus used that has been translated into “evil” is “bisha.”  Bisha does not mean evil.  It means “unripe.”  This invites us into a deep reflection on that which we are tempted to judge as evil.  From the perspective of the Aramaic Jesus, there is no evil, only that which has not yet come to its own ripeness/maturity.  As in the fruit on the tree, we don’t condemn that which is unripe, we simply continue to tend to its growth and wait patiently for the moment when it comes to its full ripening, when it can then be harvested and its fruits enjoyed.”

Although I don’t speak the language, I have studied it some, and Aramaic strikes me as a very pure form of the language we use today. It is the language spoken by Yeshua and Magdalene, and so much of its root has been convoluted and turned into the current languages that reflect so much more of duality. The word ‘bisha’ is clearly a 5D word, as it takes something we have been mired in for centuries (the idea of evil), and with a slight shift of consciousness turns it into something so much more embraceable.









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