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HAPPY EARTH DAY and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, even though it FEELS a lot like an oxymoron right now. Off all the new 5D archetypes represented by the Kuiper Belt planets, the one that is most aligned with Mother Nature and the environment of our planet is MakeMake. It's no surprise that of all the aspects that take place today, (there are four, and three of them are with 5D planets), the SUN forms a Great Eliminator (inconjunct) with MakeMake, bringing Mother Nature and her undeniable vitality front and center.












Mercury, now retrograde, formed the same Great Eliminator with MakeMake as this current week began. And that was the second of three he will undertake before his retrograde journey is completed. That in itself is very significant. It brings Mother Nature, Mother Earth her Self, into the spotlight.


A Great Eliminator points to the need to make a conscious choice, and that choice is more than a little obvious at this time. There is a certain trend, as a part of the current polarization process permeating the planet, toward ignoring science and the Truth about the need to take great care of our environment. The Earth has been shown to be at a critical turning point, but then that critical turning point is what we've been talking about for a while now.


Finally the physical world is catching up with the mind and the heart. This is probably the result of Mars moving faster than Mercury and Venus for this prolonged period of time. We need this catch up phase. And today we must choose the High Road when it comes to our planet's well being.


Another word for the High Road is the Light Bridge, which serves as a semi etheric High Way for anyone who is willing to stand in the transcendant state of being. Semi etheric means half etheric, half physical. It is a road made of Light, but it is solid enough to be able to SEE it, and certainly to stand upon it.


Most of us have experienced this phenomenon in the past months, and this is something that will continue to solidify and become more and more fully our reality. It is a choice we have to make. There are actually TWO Great Eliminators today. The other one is Mars Quaoar. Stay centered in your heart and let your intuitive consciousness guide you into the new reality that is filled with original thought.


It is that original thought that will deliver the new world. This is now about the male female balance within. The Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, must ascend to her original status. Perform a random act of kindness for the planet today... it's her birthday!!


Here is another brilliant channel from Jan Finley:

"Swiftly striding toward us, I hear her voice exhorting us to arise, awaken, take heart and join her.  Gathering her troops, the forgotten feminine, we begin to awaken, one at a time, gathering momentum as her steps come ever closer.  Her Voice rings in my ears, my heart as my heartbeat quickens, pounding with anticipation and the knowing that the time has come.  It is this moment that we return the balance to Our existence, to our Oneness. Unity is not possible as long as there are two, as long as one is smaller, overlooked and has no value.  We are the Well of Creation and that well must be brought to bear.  Hear her voice inside your Heart urging you to arise and awaken.  We do not bring war. We do not bring conflict. We bring implacable and long awaited change.  With every word that leaves your heart and mouth, remember who you are.  The door to the  Patriarchy has closed, my sisters and brothers, and cannot be reopened. The illusion of ongoing more of the same may dismay you but see it for the illusion that it is.  The Goddess is here. The Divine Feminine has returned and is claiming her rightful place. Her hands, her voice, her heart is ours.  That tightness in your belly, your chest? That is her Voice crying out to be heard.  Breathe into it, nurture it, and let it soar into the world.  Together, today, the Balance begins."