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What an interesting day. There are no major planetary aspects today, not even among the 5D planets. But whenever I say no planetary aspects, that does NOT include the aspects made by the Moon. There are almost always some of those, and when there are no other planetary aspects to dominate the atmosphere, the moon's aspects become so much more significant to our experience. Today is a VERY important day, lunar aspect wise...




You may remember that the last Full Moon featured the Sun and Moon completely infusing the Light Bridge with their life giving forces. (Hence the Sun-infused Light Bridge picture I have had up at the top of the blog each day this month). Today the Moon rejoins the Light Bridge, this time from the other side, the Aries side, where the Sun was transiting for the last Full Moon. Reactions to that Consciousness infusion should show up today.


Furthermore, the Moon will connect with Eris and then Uranus today, truly bringing the awakening we are moving through to a whole new level of consciousness. Also, the Moon will manifest with Saturn and Ixion, and finally form a stepping stone with Varuna before she goes void at around 7 pm EASTERN tonight.


What a powerful void that promises to be, following a day full of Light Bridge infusion at the emotional, divine feminine level. The ways in which you respond to anything and everything life delivers today are very telling and significant. When emotion, which is subconscious, rises to the level of our awareness, we are joining the female with the male, the inner with the outer, bringing our consciousness to the subconscious and vice versa. This is a balance point day.


The balance point is, in the bigger picture, where all of humanity is at. This is just the beginning of a humongous balancing process that has been many milennia in the manifesting. The most important thing to remember about it all is that it is already done, and we are living through the experience of its manifestation. But to consider, even for a moment, that there is anything we need to do to make it happen or worse, to make it better, is the SAME mistake we've been making from the start.


It is done, it is complete. We are here to witness our own creation. At 10pm tonight, when the Moon enters Taurus, we will enter the dark of the Moon. If we can reach that moment holding that perspective of the Great Observer, what a great and amazing sprouting we will See as the next couple of EXTREMELY important weeks unfold. Let's resolve to live them moment to moment... in the now.


After all, the NOW is the only place where everything makes sense and there is nothing to do but BE. Stay tuned to you, like never before.


"It doesn't matter that the road's been rough, that you now have challenges, or that uncertainties loom on the horizon. 
None of these change the fact that for every thought you think today, worlds will come tumbling into existence. For every word you speak, legions will be called into action. And for every step you take, matter will be drawn from the ether."

The Universe  (Mike Dooley)