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MERCURY infusion with the LIGHT BRIDGE  image by Lauren Fox


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We have reached the Taurus New Moon for this year, and it’s important to remember that there is only ever one Taurus New Moon each and every year. That means that what begins under this energy today plants the seeds for new ground that will be the territory we walk on for the entire next year. In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the sign of ‘Conscious Obedience’, the ‘Love’ vibration of the higher Mental body. What that means is that the mechanism of the higher Mind is best activated by staying attuned to your inner guidance system. The Love flame of the tri fold flame represents the mechanism of the body it lives in, in this case the Mental Body. ‘Obedience’ refers to the essential need to trust in your inner guidance, which is the inner mechanism of the Mental Body, as it relates to the higher Mind, or the Christed Consciousness that is a part of each and every one of us.



The next two weeks on the planet are some of the most important in the scheme of the transmutation process we are currently undergoing. And everything that happens comes under the domain of this Taurus New Moon. Mercury goes direct and then recovers his shadow. Venus recovers her shadow. Mercury stations direct smack in the middle of the Light Bridge, changing the way we comprehend Life and changing it forever.


The Moon’s Nodes will change signs before this Taurus Moon becomes Full, and that too will change everything. The South Node, the collective Earth Star Chakra (that represents everything that has ever tied humanity to this earth), moves into Aquarius. The Nodes travel backwards…. They are the only points in the cosmos that naturally move clockwise through our energy fields (charts). They represent a part of our Selves that is closer to God. The Nodes are the representatives of our Soul.


So the Earth Star Chakra moves to 29 Aquarius, the Earth connects completely with the vibration of the new order. While the Aquarian Age began in earnest in 2012, this moment is a big one in the bigger picture. The next 19 years will bring a major cycle of Aquarian karma/dharma, and move us thoroughly into the new order.


And there’s so much more on tap for the weeks ahead. The polarization process will undergo a major turning point. That is not a prediction, it is happening right here right now. This Truth may be seen when you step up into the observer’s perch and broaden your vision. Have a good look around, it’s amazing… But do stay tuned to you.


Here is Ellias Londale’s meditation for today’s new Moon in Taurus. This passage is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:


Taurus 7:  A large ruby inscribed with a prayer.

The personal soul is our own special identity. We absorb ourselves within it’s dramas, it’s subjective experience. We always want more, need even further variations on the theme of fulfilling ourselves, feeling gratified and satiated with everything we have coming to us. Our fantasy is that all of life will come our way and fill us with goodies.

                Then we go further than this when we can no longer fool ourselves. We turn the whole self game around. As we realize how empty and meaningless the isolate personal self really is, we go the other way. Our desire then is to serve, to surrender, to give over. We want nothing more than to be played through by spirit, to be at one with Christ.

                As we awaken within the spirit side of life, we can even move into a third position. All of that emotional depth of the personal soul plus all of that given-over feeling of the one who goes beyond self can be raw materials for the creations of a whole new self. This one is neither self-full nor self-empty. They have learned the folly of both positions.

                At any and every stage of this journey, there is a characteristic flair for just the right touch and journey. Closely tuned in, exceedingly intimate, the soul is on a whole different wavelength then others around her. She gives herself over completely, whether to pleasure, spirit, or a whole way of being that encompasses all polarities.

                She has this density of taking all of existence through her. What she delights in is to be able to give life to others, to be empowered to serve a greater will in all things. Her being has to stay with it’s own subtle track, must remain at one with it’s nature resolutely. The only way she can go is through the heart’s dedication to the Earthly Way.”


“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

– Albert Einstein


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