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Mercury with the Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox

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There are two huge planetary events taking place today, making for plenty of important activity, or more accurately, awakening. Venus crosses the World Axis today, coming to the Aries point, 0 Aries, as she recovers her direct shadow. The Divine Feminine is being brought back together at an increasing pace now, and this is the RE-Memberment of the Feminine Self that promises to deliver her to all her unified glory. Pay attention to all divine feminine events that show up today, because the themes that are revealed are very significant. Venus is, after all, headed straight for the Light Bridge just as soon as she recovers her shadow. And the other event taking place today is the second of three Mercury Uranus conjunctions as Mercury takes up his station right smack in the middle of that very same Light Bridge....










Have you gotten any surprising or unexpected news yet? Life is bringing each of us to the Truth of everything we've been awakening to since the year began. With Venus recovering her shadow and Mercury still retrograde, old relationships may be reappearing, or old patterns may be falling away in unusual fashion. You may have noticed this already, or these twists and turns may show up anywhere in the next two weeks, while Mercury remains infused with the Uranus Eris /Jupiter/Haumea Light Bridge.


Do your best to be open to whatever comes, without judgment. We have had lifetimes of buying into the idea that disruption and anything unexpected is 'not good'. When we have a mindset like that there is no room for expansion. We all have to get to the place where any disruptive energy, or the appearance of any situation that looks different form what we'd like or what we're expecting is always, without exception, an opportunity to embrace what we could not realize before.


I want to offer up the words of Sylviane Gianina, one of my great students and a brilliant Teacher in her own right:

"a trigger causes a movement 
of the heart, an emotion, of the mind, a thought, both emotions and thoughts ranging from simple adjustment to chaos depending on situation and investment into it
in the bigger picture their purpose is simply to balance mind-heart, a complex yet very soft re-morphing of water and air. When unnoticed or unrecognised, we’ll have the ripple effect on the body, which can in turn be ignored or fixed, that’s how we develop self-destructive patterns! Only the fire of spirit can transmute patterns fossilised in earth, which we treasure as our ancestors legacy and keep feeding with good intentions. Such is the weight of the lid!" (Sylviane is referring to the lid on the box we've been living in for thousands of years).
Pretty interesting perspective, isn't it?
We can take these next two weeks while Mercury is infusing the Light Bridge and transmuting the Higher Mind to allow our Selves the fullness of the new consciousness. We created this moment with everything brought us here, and now we can step back and watch the flower blossom. Only then will we be able to fully realize what it is.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Mercury Uranus conjunction #2 of 3, reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 26:  The man in the moon smiling.

I see everything stretched around me in all directions, to the furthest horizon and beyond. I come from everywhere. I feel part of just about everything I meet. It’s a state I can never describe. How could I invoke the power of being at one with myself and at one with all the world, where both are the same; I and the world.

                What I enjoy most about my dazzling vista is that I can see everything in it’s true perspective. I am given to  sense that which is real, and to be able to hone in on it anywhere. And I know what is trying to impress me and isn’t really there.

                This is what I live for. I need to be directly on the beam with what is happening, what it means, where it is going. Only this can give me the true coordinates. Once I have these, I can do anything that spirit intends.

                It is vital that I spread an energy and awareness wherever I go. I am saying to us all that we can, that the doors are open, that anything is possible, if you really intend it with your whole being. I am that message and it’s ripples.

                Because I am always expanding, never the same twice, I can turn my outward presence into just one big forwarding style, easy to be with, and still retain a ton of freedom on the inside. Nothing catches me for long. My being knows only leaps and bounds.

                The very best thing about me is that I can let the love and the light stream through me effortlessly. I am such a good vehicle for greater purposes. And my outward demeanor always remains energetically just that smile, that look, that suggestive edge.

                Join me in my expanding universe. Be a part of the mystery and the magic. And if you wish to play and love and live in that future fertile frequency, I’m completely with you."



"The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety." 


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