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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox


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HAPPY MAY DAY!  In the Wiccan tradition, this day is known as Beltane. It is a day of pure joy and celebration, and it is meant to mark the midpoint of spring. But actually, the midpoint of the season occurs on May 5, which means that as of Friday this week we are officially headed for Summer. (Note: Beltane is celebrated on November 1 in the Southern Hemisphere). Like so many things related to ancient times, the dates are a bit skewed, but that just points out the pure relativity of time, and the fact that it doesn’t really exist.


The week ahead marks some important events. Venus forms a Light Bridge of her own with MakeMake tomorrow. (A Light Bridge is any opposition between a classical planet and a new 5D or Trans-Neptunian Object). It produces a polarity that is so palpable in the higher realm of consciousness that it is possible to travel across it like a High Way of Light. The Light that it is made of transmutes us at every level, down to the cellular, and we are changed by the presence of this Light feature as long as it is holding its form in space.

This Venus MakeMake Light Bridge is the third of three that Venus has made with it while she was on her recent retrograde journey. The first bridge was formed on February 9, as Venus moved through her retrograde shadow before she went retrograde. The second was while she was retrograde on March 28, and this third one tomorrow marks the full manifestation of the bridge. Despite the fact that the bridge was not always fully suspended (as Venus moved in and out of the exact opposition), the fact that she came into polarity with MakeMake three times over this period of time has has the effect of holding the energy in place.

A Venus MakeMake Light Bridge transmutes us at the heart level into the greater awareness of the Divine Laws that all the planet lives by. We have been forced to observe, (hopefully from up on the bridge and not from within the emotional/physical plane), the way the Laws of Nature and the Cosmic Laws are being ignored and treated as though they don’t exist. Not to worry, this is part of the polarization process, which is itself a natural Law. Everything is reunifying at this time, and that is evidenced by the other Light Bridge that is fully operational and has been for quite some time.

That bridge is being generated by Jupiter and Haumea in Libra, in a bridge with the two Great Awakeners, Uranus and Eris in Aries. This week Mercury sits in between Uranus and Eris, and he is in the middle of making the second and third conjunction with Uranus this week as he stations to go direct on May 3. The higher Mind is being infused and completely transmuted by the High Way Light Bridge to Awakened Unity Consciousness.

This Light Bridge will remain in effect for the next couple of years, because Eris and Haumea move very slowly, and they will remain in polarized orb for that long. This is THE path humanity has available to us to travel toward the new world, which exists, of course, in our consciousness.

Venus and Mercury are both moving toward the Light Bridge Great Awakeners from either end of them, producing a new masculine feminine balance within each of us the like of which we’ve never known before. Well, maybe we did, originally. But not since then. This has the effect of being unknown and brand new and completely familiar and secure at the same time.

There is so much more just beyond this week’s events, but it seems best to take one bite at a time and chew well. Stay tuned to you.


“You have to trust your inner knowing. If you have a clear mind and an open heart, you won’t have to search for direction. Direction will come to you.”

Phil Jackson