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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox

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There are no major planetary aspects that take place today, but there are huge shifts occurring to just about every planet, and it's impossible not to feel it. Venus is recovering her shadow and on her way to a major infusion with the Light Bridge of Awakening Unity Consciousness. Mercury is ALSO recovering his shadow and is currently completely infused with the same Light Bridge energies. In fact, Venus and Mercury are currently bracketing the two Great Awakeners, Uranus and Eris, and this portends a major rebalancing of male/female energies within each and every one of  us. And there's plenty more going on.



Mars is currently in a bridge )formerly known as opposition) with the fixed star Antares. With Mars in Gemini, it is essential to learn to center our Selves in our hearts so that the many options that are presenting themselves for undertaking are focused and clear to us. Antares, the anti-Mars star, casts a huge shadow, (because it is unusually bright), and the shadow is rearing its head, providing us with the chance to devour it once and for all with the Light.

The shadow BELONGS to the 3D world, There is nothing good or bad about it.. but in 5D it becomes one with Love when the Light envelopes it and it disappears. Mars is headed for a long out of bounds journey at the same time that Mercury and Venus recover their shadows. Mercury and Venus are currently traveling through Mars' home sign, Aries, giving the upcoming out of bounds journey into uncharted conscious territory a whole new meaning.

We are also headed for a full Moon in two days. A full Scorpio Moon. And the Sun and Moon aspect only one planet from their full state - Pluto - depositor of the upcoming Full Moon. A Scorpio Moon is typically a difficult one, because Scorpio is the sign that is polar to Taurus, where the Moon is exalted. In cosmic consciousness we call this placement the MASTER PATH. The Scorpio Moon won't be so difficult this time around, because Pluto is in a very helpful connection, promising great things.

Speaking of Antares, my great student, Jeannine Kim (who has just been certified, along with four others as a Facilitator of Cosmic Consciousness, I am proud to say) offered this comment:

"When you speak of the shift of degree for Antares, particularly because it is fixed, I wonder if degrees can have within them layers/degrees and portals they cross? a very fractal way.  A smaller image of the bigger.  If so, Antares has left a master point within the 10th degree? of death, resurrection, rebirth ...crossed a portal into 11....the Master number and on the Cosmic Clock, the final sweep of clearing all karma, a teacher, also as karma can be.  The "slowness and bigness" of the Fixed Star energy feels so if the numbers it inhabits have dimensions within themselves and therefore showing to us it's greatest intent for this moment with its shadow.  ..?"

We are not accustomed to this fractal type thinking, but of course, it holds up, as it must if it follows the universal laws. The Numbers are the fabric of the universe as I am so fond of saying. The comment Jeannine sent is major food for thought, considering Antares will be at the 11th degree of Sagittarius for 72 years.

There's a lot happening this week, including the Moon's Nodes changing signs. More about that on Wednesday, when it happens just hours before the Full Moon occurs. Stay tuned to you, and not to the movie.


"It is a process of diverting one's scattered forces into one powerful channel."

- James Allen