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After three or four days without any major planetary events to speak of, today features EIGHT different important planetary happenings, making this a kind of a blast off day. Mercury is still in a storm period, meaning he is moving more slowly than usual, and when the ruler of the mental operating system is sluggish, so is all of life. Many are reporting being overwhelmed with the changes that are taking place in their lives, but I submit that a big part of that overwhelm is the fact that it is very difficult to get a lot done (at the mental level) at this particular time.








Even so, I believe that today's major blast of important happenings can serve as a blast off of sorts, giving many a huge burst of energy with which to get some things done. I have only put two charts up, but I will delineate all of what's happening today... You never know what piece of information will help you.


First thing today Mercury returns to Taurus. Interestingly, Mercury only has four degrees to go before he recovers his shadow (and his normal speed) but that won't happen until the 20th. Taurus is, arguably, a quality of consciousness (sign) that entails a certain slowness of pace at all times. Presence is far more focal than speed in this part of our consciousness. So for the next few days, while Mercury completes his shadow cycle, discipline and presence will be paramount in all we do.


Also today, shortly after Midnight, Mars slips out of bounds. When a planer moves outside the ecliptic, it takes us into uncharted territory, and delivers us to new aspects of our Selves. In this case, we are dealing with new physical parameters, and after the most recent upgrades to the physical body, there's no telling where we will go from here. Mars will be out of bounds all the way through to the last day of June.


Also today, the Sun forms a Great Eliminator with Ixion, and forms an aspect of intimacy (semisextile) with Uranus. These are two events related to our consciousness in general. Ixion speaks to life purpose, and the Great Eliminator points to the need to choose a path when a fork in the road is encountered. The Uranian connection should make us more aware than ever of the awakening that is available to us. Remember that these two aspects relate to the conscious awareness we have today.


The Sun makes a third connection today, a new cycle with Sedna, which is a life altering aspect. Sedna represents the record keeper, the Great Cosmic Librarian, who carries the wisdom and consciousness of the original Divine Feminine Self, and is currently moving through our Soular system (for about 400 years) to help us to remember and restore the fullness of the feminine part of our existence. The Sun Sedna new cycle speaks volumes to the the infusion of these records to our consciousness.


Ceres (the Midwife) forms a stepping stone with Orcus. This is also a very multidimensional superconscious happening. It speaks to our capacity to realize our Selves as immortal Beings. It lifts us up into a new dimension of awareness about the meaning of the cycle of life and death. The stepping stone represents the strengths we have acquired over the many millennia we have spent coming in and out of embodiment. It's important to stand tall in our evolutionary progress along these lines.


Mercury manifests with Quaoar today also, and that represents a quantum leap into the new untethered capacity for original thought. We may not realize these shifts instantly, but they are happening today. We are gaining in our detached awareness levels, making it more and more possible to perceive what we could not perceive before.


These are all huge aspects that are parts of even larger cycles. Wheels are turning significantly today. Stay tuned to you for best perspective.


Here is Ellias Londale's meditation for today's Sun Sedna new cycle, reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:

Taurus 26:  Grotesque rocks in a sand garden.

 "A mode of perception which is both idiosyncratic and highly evocative. Seeing certain factors as so very vital. Often these are the ones commonly overlooked. Missing many factors often taken as the whole of what is happening.

                Being brought into a distinctive, unique, specialized, highly individualized form of awareness. This brings with it huge blunders and so much wisdom on tap. It is a matter of recognizing that something is missing from this picture, yet that what is known matters greatly.

                An assignment. A cosmic task. Go in there and see what is obvious, yet overlooked. Don’t concern yourself with all the things the others are preoccupied within. It is your part to recognize and point out what is crying to be salvaged and restored to it’s rightful place.

                A very peculiar edge of eccentricity, of going off the deep end. Almost going out of one’s way to court the exotic, the forbidden, the neglected, the places that perhaps don’t need such exhaustive fascination. Yet it is true that somebody here must love and identify within and track through the spaces which are not so comfortable and easy to grapple with in any other way.

                One jeweled wonder comes forth from this realm. If we can see with new eyes and share what we glimpse, we can actually restore a shared feeling for what seems to have been left behind, but is coming toward us from the future. If we can enter upon the Mysteries of these interior realms, even the ones dark and forbidding, we can tap a lost chord and make sure that the synthesis we are all contributing to encompasses those x-factors which upset the (status quo) and the fixed assumptions.

                We still are captivated by the strangest things. And we may get pretty far lost in there. Sometimes you need to be gone from ordinary consciousness to probe the innermost secrets."


"Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."

- Gail Sheehy

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