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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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Mars is in Gemini and traveling out of bounds, which gives each and every  one of us a ride into uncharted territory, and offers a new perspective from which to observe our lives. When Mars goes out of bounds, everything related to the physical world, including your energy, your body, your home, your neighborhood, your country or the planet Her Self moves to a new and previously unvisited place. Look within for where this is happening to you, or look to the world for the reflection of it.


One way to look at it is to note that the President is out of the country, and the wild and crazy energy that seems to surround him is ‘over there’ now. It isn’t here so much. It produces the crystal clarity that the Gemini who is President is ground zero for the over the top energies that have been rampant lately. No judgement intended. If anything, we can all take a lesson from this. That frenetic energy you can see more clearly now is also your own.

You may express it differently, but the Truth is, you can’t ever perceive what isn’t in you in the first place. That’s why to one person the president looks inept, to another shrewd, to yet another perfect. Look to your own ineptitude, your own shrewdness, crookedness, dishonesty, brilliance or perfection for best results. While Mars is out of bounds, it is possible to realize things about your own countenance that you could not see before.

Mars is moving into and generating a new Light Bridge this week. Let’s consider this. A Light Bridge gets created by a polarity (opposition) between a classical planet and a 5D planet. It produces a new HIGH WAY of LIGHT for us to travel, and the Light it is made of transmutes our consciousness and our very cells in the process. For the most part it is unnecessary to understand or even to realize what’s happening. All that matters is that you make the conscious choice to stand on the bridge whenever you can.

Actually, that doesn’t matter either, your Higher Self is on the bridge anyway. It’s just that the added ingredient of conscious choice adds dimension and technicolor. Who doesn’t want some of that?

Mars moved into a Light Bridge with Ixion and Saturn this week, and with Quaoar next week. This is one giant Light Bridge. It won’t last long, since Mars moves pretty quickly, but its effects will last forever, and CERES, the inner mid-wife is a big player here too, making her way to this same Light Bridge in a couple of weeks. (beginning June 15), and followed by Mercury (June 19). So despite the fact that this bridge is not constantly lit up, it is energetically in tact for a long while to come, and each of the personal planets, including the Sun and Moon will engage with it over the course of the next four weeks.

That means ANOTHER transpersonal transmutation is upon us, this one involving Saturn. Ixion and Quaoar, which promise to produce a whole new structure and sacred geometry upon which the new world will be built. Much of this depends on our capacity to let the old mental structures (limiting beliefs) die, and to connect the mind with the heart so that new, original concepts can occur.

Ceres, the mid wife is conjunct this week’s new Moon and she and the Sun will move into the new Light Bridge in two and a half weeks, birthing the new structure out of the old. This is a major moment for the reunified Divine Feminine. She must be whole to birth the new world. This is the nature of the world we will do as gathered Light Worker this Summer on my Chalice Well retreat. Please join us physically or etherically.

Stay tuned to you, even when the world distracts you… it is only showing you something about your Self you are not aware of yet.


“I suggest you ask, “What’s ultimately behind this set of eyes?” 
Turn around to see what is looking.”