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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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The President, who is a Gemini, is out of town, as Mars, traveling through Gemini right now, is out of bounds. These are similar things, the global reflecting the personal, if you will. The day to day usual, (which admittedly is profoundly UNusual at this time), is not at all what it’s been, because the President is traveling through the Middle East, where he has a very focused agenda. His ‘way of being’ is not what it has been, and as a result, the energy is very different. This is exactly what’s happening to each of us. Our actions, our physical presence is different right now, and as a result, our countenance and energy is different as well.


Now, the President has been besieged by his own blunders, which were brought on largely because he has an obsessive need to be well received. His “normal” behavior gets him into trouble, and hopefully that is not the usual for most of us. However, we are all face to face with SOME behavior that has not served us well and now, with Mars, planet of action and physical drive traveling out of bounds, we have an opportunity to do things differently.


I have often said that when we travel we get the chance to observe our life from a new perspective. Physical relocation is the same exact thing as changing our observational viewpoint. We can often see things we could not see when we were in the middle of our lives. By adding a peripheral expansion to the view, we can grasp what was ungraspable before.


This particular Mars journey outside the ecliptic promises to provide this expanded view for any of us willing to let go of whatever we’ve been holding on to. Take the President again. While over there, he appears to be very busy with one event after another, and it seems he has much less access to the news that is going on over here. As a result, his behavior is very different. More significantly, he probably doesn’t realize any of this.


We probably don’t either. But the difference here is, we CAN. We can grasp the difference without much effort. The bottom line here is, the shadow cast by duality is completely exposed now. All we need is the Light to eradicate it. We can look at this in many different ways. The Light can ‘devour’ the darkness, or simply negate it. It can consciously embrace it, turning it into Light. It doesn’t matter how you perceive it, (and your perception of it is your own reflections), only that you realize it’s time to let the Light shine as brightly as possible.


That means letting go of anything you’re still holding on to. A person, a place, a limiting belief, a low Self esteem. Let it all go. Turn it all over to your higher Self, who has always known what to do. This is by far the most important turning point in the human story. We are all here to participate in it. Get excited! There’s nothing more motivational than passionate excitement.


By the way, while we weren’t looking Venus turned into the morning star, and the heart has softened and become our guiding Light as we wake each day. This is always an important phenomenon that occurs whenever she recovers a shadow, but it’s also corresponding to her infusion into the Light Bridge. The heart is about to undergo a resurrection of the highest order.


Stay tuned to you.


“Love is the transition from
person to presence.

Freedom is observing
the phenomenon of