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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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That out of bounds Mars is very active this week, forming a new Light Bridge (with Saturn and Ixion) at the end of the week, and today connecting very dynamically with the current, ongoing Light Bridge, notably with Haumea and Eris (and later with Uranus). Mars, representing the physical body and all things related to the physical world and our energy, is busily working to make a connection between these two High Ways. Mars is actually GENERATING the Saturn Ixion Bridge, but he is also kicking off and in his inimitable way ACTIVATING the new Pathway, which will be regenerated over and over again by all the other lower four body rulers and Ceres in the weeks to come. This is very much what Mars does best, and as he is currently in Geminie AND traveling outside the ecliptic, we can expect both unprecedented activity at the physical/energy levels, AND we will witness many a dying gasp of the older, Mars-based lower male energies.


The latter events are merely for watching, and definitely NOT for engaging in on any level… not mentally, emotionally physically or spiritually. Whenever that concept comes through me I hear from many of you saying you HAVE TO get involved. I suppose on a 5D level there can be involvement on every level, because activism has its purpose, and when you get right down to it, activism must come under the umbrella of the MARS archetype.


Higher emotional involvement would look like consciously holding the space of Love and Light for those affected by Mars’ lower energies. Mental involvement would look like altared (raised up) thought around these events. Physical involvement looks like physically helping those in need, and spiritual involvement happens anyway, whether we realize it or not.


There is also the path of non-resistance, which is peaceful and still, and actively embraces and Loves it all. TRUE unity consciousness allows for all things, without judgment, and responds with Love and and open heart. That is not easy to do, particularly on a constant basis, but it’s safe to say that we’ve never had a better opportunity to practice this kind of higher Love so thoroughly.


With Mars activating these two Light Bridges this week, there’s a lot of activity (because of the Gemini focus) and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Mars will be out of bounds throughout June,  and Mercury will also take a spin outside the ecliptic later in June. The Mind/Body connection, traveling outside its normal parameters promises to deliver us to new extrasensory perceptions and transmutational powers.


Mercury will be the next to join the Saturn Ixion Light Bridge (after the Sun and Moon), and that implies that the HighWay connecting Mind, Body and Spirit with Saturn and Ixion (and Quaoar) means a whole new infrastructure for our 5D existence. SO ABOVE, AS BELOW. It has never been any different. It’s just that we can see it all happening now, and it is one magnificent view.


Despite all that has become visible, stay tuned to you, because all you can see IS your own reflection, and the view of your Self is more important to behold.


“When we look with the ‘I’
We dream.
When we look for the ‘I’
We awaken.”