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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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There’s an interesting phenomenon that is dominating the cosmos right now and will continue to do so for the next month or so. It’s a Star of David, also known as a Ring of Sextiles, also known as two Grand Manifestations (trines).It is comprised of the two currently generated Light Bridges AND the Moon’s Nodes. A Star of David is a very powerful planetary picture whenever it occurs, but this one is amazingly unusual in so many ways. It certainly seems worth it to devote today’s blog to this subject, on the day that Mars forms a perfect connection with the Moon’s nodes.



A Ring of Sextiles is as powerfully creative and productive a network as it is possible to be working with. IN Cosmic Consciousness a sextile is called a resource, for reasons that should speak for themselves. To be existing with two fully operational Light Bridges for the first time in human history is remarkable enough. Those Light Bridges, made up of two sets of polarities that include personal planets and 5D planets, are reflecting the incredible transmutation that is permeating everything at this time.
At the moment, both the Light Bridges are forming perfect manifestations (trines) with each other, taking the transmutation each bridge offers to entirely new levels… levels we have never known before. These completely unprecedented energies are easy to ignore when we are not awake, but we are. We can feel the transformation happening, knowing full well we can’t quite understand it all. It becomes a most important objective, then, to learn to suspend the need to understand… to leave our minds, so to speak, to realize it doesn’t matter, so that we can move through the shadowy unknown into the realm of the realized.
This process is decidedly feminine, letting go and letting it all BE. Right now we are letting it all BECOME. The WAY to awakened unity consciousness, making beautiful harmonious music with the WAY to a new Light based infrastructure. Further, all of us Know, somewhere in our hearts, that we are here to oversee the manifestation of this new infrastructure, and further, that it is already manifested. We are here to witness, not to create it.
The involvement of the Moon’s Nodes is the biggest news. The Nodes are actually the collective transpersonal chakras, they are energy vortexes that connect our human Selves with our Higher Spiritual Selves .They carry all the essences of all we have ever done and all the Truths of all we will ever do. It is all done already. The Nodes assist us in inhabiting this time space continuum, so that we may have this life altering experience of observing our own Creation in time.
Mars, the planet that reflects our entire experience of the physical, is a pivotal part of the Ring of Sextiles, holding the space for us to move into the new consciousness for the next week or so. It’s not a coincidence that Mars is out of bounds until July 1. We are in completely uncharted territory, and that is as it must be. Also, as is so often the case, Mars is leading the way  for ALL the other lower body rulers to participate in this same Ring of Sextiles. This will be complete at the end of July.
We have quite a Summer ahead of us. By the end of it, everything will change. Please register for my Summer Solstice Webinar (link is above). I intend to go into all these completely unprecedented planetary events to the fullest, as well as offer a 5D perspective that we can all work with as we move through this completely unknown territory.
Stay tuned to you as you watch this movie.


“One of the saddest lines in the world is, ‘Oh come now – be realistic.’ The best parts of this world were not fashioned by those who were realistic. They were fashioned by those who dared to look hard at their wishes and gave them horses to ride.” 

– Richard Nelson Bolles