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I received an amazing insight from Jeannine Kim, who is newly certified as a Cosmic Consciousness facilitator. Jeannine has a 29 Pisces Chiron smack on her Midheaven, called a Portal of Truth in CC, and this is her observation:
"Chiron 29 Pisces.  Well, I live there, on the Midheaven, directly in the Portal of Truth.  As do you Stephanie...also for all of consciousness to experience from.
While reading your blog yesterday about Chiron's station at 29 Pisces a vision came to me and it felt like such a revelation.  I saw myself as that 29th degree Chiron within the realm of Pisces...floating, in deep space  kind of like a star.  Then in the vision, what looked like a huge, bright, star-filled constellation slowly approached.  Even though it appeared as a constellation it looked like a massive straight line.  As it came closer to me it moved very slowly as if it was coming in for a landing...then it locked in place where I was, where I have always been. 
It came to me and an unlocking happened similar to one of those oblong combination locks where all the numbers line up next to one another.  When they finally connected, we came together and something unleashed.  My holding of that point kept it steady with my depth of understanding of it...Chiron 29 living of it now and from the layers of my subconscious.  
The compassionate stillness that happens when there is a deep awareness echoed ....ALL IS WELL, even within this far away unknown, let this space become familiar.  Living here, quite removed, I don't always feel all is well but now that the mass consciousness has shown up to visit, I can clearly energetically feel how what has left me feeling very Foreign for the most of this existence, has comfortably become my second home.   What is quaking  the rest, I have become accustomed to and I never really saw my expansion into this until this unlocking.  
The reason for this distance from "home" has never felt more certain to me than now...why we all hold these Foreign points as we do.  The grand purpose for why each of us have chosen every pain, suffering and disconnected existence within this physical realm is to offer up that understanding, tangibly....through connections after long traveled journeys, compassion for all confusion about separation and perceived alone-ness.  Once we look deeply at the origin of our desire to share what we have found within our struggles with suffering...we see the root of it all has always only been Love.
A Foreigner is only foreign until it is met.  Until someone or a group of someones visits them, unafraid of the mystery and distance they keep and becomes curious of the inner story that THAT unknown can hold.  Mass consciousness is walking through our greatest wound together....Chiron 29 Pisces.  Belief of Separation from ALL that is.  Now finally, we WILL find with our coming together, our sharing as Foreigners with this suffering, as the fear of the unknown from the other falls away, that LOVE is THE essence of us all."


As the week begins there are SEVEN planets at the 29th degree of the signs they are transiting. More than anything else, that points to the opportunity for mastery in each and every instance. There is a Wisdom Crossroad (formerly a Mutable Cross), that involves Quaoar, Chiron, Ceres, all at the 29th degree of their respective signs, and MakeMake, who has already taken up residence in Libra, but forms the 4th leg of the intersection with its energetic presence.
This is a LIGHT BRIDGE of the highest order, involving FOUR 5D planets. Ten years ago this Light Bridge would have been undetectable. Now, because the lower 4 body rulers have interacted so thoroughly with these 5D archetypes, we can sense, and sometimes even be fully awake to the energies that are being reflected by these outer celestial bodies.
With MakeMake taking the other three wisdom planets at master degrees into the power quality, this intersection serves to "destroy" in Shiva-esque fashion, what must go in order to move into Creator Mode. MakeMake is the higher octave of Saturn, bringing the natural laws and the Divine plan into our consciousness.
The intersection is, of course, ultimately moving from wisdom (mutable) to power (cardinal), from destroyer to creator, at the highest level of our Being, and that is of course where all that manifests in to the physical realm begins. The qualities of the signs, formerely Cardinal Fixed and Mutable, have been upgraded to reflect the tri fold flame of the new heart chakra, Power Love and Wisdom. And no matter which dimension you interpret these in, Creator, Sustenance, and Destroyer have always been the main qualities of our consciousness.
It seems that this new intersection brings the mastery of that awareness into the realm of real possibility for each of us. This is just one of the amazing planetary pictures that dominates the cosmos this week. Stay tuned for so much more. This is such an exciting time to be alive and participating in life on this planet.
Don't take your eyes off you. No matter how wild the world gets right now, it's always just a reflection of what's going on inside of you.

Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.

— Eckhart Tolle