Nov. 22 to Dec. 20

Symbol: The Truth Seeker


Affirmation: I AM Courageous

Quality: Highest Victory

Etheric Body: Physical Wisdom

Main Archetype: Jupiter

Chakra: Throat

Element: Fire (Bonfire)


11 o'clock hour


Main Purpose: Where you resolve the habits that keep you from evolving. 

Sagittarius has long been known as “The Archer,” a centaur - half human, half animal -  seeking to understand what life is all about. Sagittarius is a fire sign, filled with spirit and endless enthusiasm. Its energy is uplifting, clearing and triumphant, with a fiery touch. The archer travels all over the world, always with a bow in hand, an arrow loaded and seeking to make contact with Source. Sagittarius can be religious, highly educated, spiritual, culturally adept, and well-traveled. This is because the Sagittarius soul will stop at nothing to learn more about the meaning of life on Earth.

Sagittarius does not like to have its freedom stifled in any way. You are often taken by the desire to get up and go somewhere you’ve never been before. You may indulge your wanderlust by traveling physically, or reading a book about something new, or having an emotional adventure you’ve never had;  anything to get to a new experience and learn something you didn’t know. The danger is that knowledge can lead you to believe you know everything, even when it is inherent in your nature to realize there’s so much to learn.
But as you awaken and become Self-aware, you begin to realize it’s not really about the adventure, but it’s the Truth you’re after.  In its ultimate sense, the Truth is something that is arrived at only after a series of trials and tribulations that eventually deliver you to what really matters to you in your heart.  The awakened Sagittarius is known as The Truth-Seeker in the Cosmic Consciousness system. If you’re born under this sign, you’ll stop at nothing to get at the Truth, once you realize its importance to you. Jupiter is the dispositor of Sagittarius, always lending its wisdom and largesse, consciousness and growth to any situation. 

Sagittarius is the sign of Physical Wisdom.  The physical existence is a socio/spiritual experience, and once that becomes recognizable the physical realm is triumphed over, (which is Sagittarius's purpose). The ego can be overcome and the spirit emerges victorious when we recognize the true nature of our physicality.

Our physicality is a projection, made out of beliefs and emotions, and most importantly, out of the way in which we focus our consciousness. When we focus through fear and the 'local' consciousness, we keep recreating the past, and we live on the loop that we recognize as the wheel of life. When we focus on the non local, when we 'altar' our thoughts to focus on the higher Self, we are fully present in the NOW, and the new world is created. The age old battle between lower and higher Self is fought and won here. It's an inner battle, as is everything else in this world.

The Sagittarian experience always comprises the end of a major evolutionary cycle and the beginning of another. Karma, the result of past fear-based actions, is cleared here. This is where you face the lower self, get out of your own way,  and finish the game. Your soul learns to overcome any habit that has been destructive here. Eventually your spirit triumphs over your ego. This is the true meaning of the centaur’s dual physicality: Your higher human Self combines with your lower primal self and the spirit emerges victorious.

In Cosmic Consciousness Sagittarius is the sign of Highest Victory. That sounds glorious, but the reality is much more mundane. When you reach the 11th hour you are asked to deal with all the physical evidence that your fears and other misqualified reactions have brought forth during the course of your lifetime. This is the final aspect of consciousness in your energy field, after which you spiral up to the next go-around. Hopefully you spiral up, but you can only do so if you have successfully cleared the issues that prevent the expression of the higher Self.  Surrender is a prerequisite here. Time collapses and you find your Self in the moment, with the one choice that is truly yours to make: Love or Fear. This is the sign of Physical Wisdom, which implies that you have literally been around the block a time or two and you know just what to do here: Face the devil and finish the game… the ego’s game that is. Here the archer becomes the Truth–Seeker, moving from shooting in the dark to knowing exactly what the target is.  

Sagittarius has always been a sign of consciousness, and here in the 11 o’clock hour that reality is put to task. The symbol for Sagittarian fire is the bonfire.  It has a warm and inviting glow that calls anyone near it to it. It can be vibrant and burn wildiy, or it can be very contained, needing only a little more fuel to bring it back to roaring life.  But whatever form it comes in, fire is always transmutational, turning whatever it touches into spirit. 

The 11 o’clock hour corresponds to the 10th house in the birth chart. Triumph over the physical world you have created with your belief system in the 10 o'clock hour, yields the realization that by aligning with your higher Self you can create an entirely different reality. This speaks very directly to the ultimate 3D 10th house goal. It is here that your diligence can get you to the bridge that provides access  to the spiral upward instead of going around the circle again.

The Sagittarius portion of your consciousness is very much like the Sagittarius portion of the cosmos. It is full of black Holes, Centaurs, and all kinds of transformational points and bodies. It is not possible to move through the Sagittarius portion of your consciousness without getting cleared and cleansed of all you are done with and no longer need as you head for an entirely new cycle. 

The one thing you need to learn is that you can never know everything. When you access the ultimate Truth, you also realize that everyone is right and no one is wrong. You gain the capacity to move through your life bringing the higher Truths to the world, through the more grounded part of you. Your triumphs deliver you the Highest Victory, the successful conquest of the Spiritual Self over the ego, making you a walking warrior of Light.  

Wherever Sagittarius is in your birth chart, old habits  are experienced over and over again until they can be triumphed over. The adventurous archer, shooting arrows at various targets, looking for something True, becomes the dedicated Truth-seeker, who has realized  the limitations of habitual behavior and consciously moves beyond it into the new frontier. When you realize you have not surrendered to your higher purpose you have no choice but to get yourself there. If your Sun sign is Sagittarius you have chosen to spend this lifetime cleaning up your act and getting yourself to higher ground. You may even manage to spiral up off the wheel all together.