Written by Stephanie Azaria with Shelly Leal


The birth chart has been considered a map of one’s lifetime by astrologers everywhere for thousands of years. But according to Cosmic Consciousness, the birth chart is actually a snapshot of our energy field, chosen by our Higher Self to serve for this entire incarnation. This Instagram, if you will, reflects the gifts, strengths, lessons and karma we want to work with this time around to facilitate our awakening to a higher consciousness. We set the configuration of our energy field by choosing the time and place of our birth.
It’s important to think of it as an energy field, rather than a road map to some undefined place. The Truth is, when we incarnate, we have already made the choices that relate to our life experiences, and we set up our birth chart specifically to facilitate our evolutionary journey.
A soul preparing for embodiment chooses the moment labor begins. In this way, the fetus is directing its birth day and time. By selecting our parents, we choose our lineage and our DNA, and that choice also determines the location of our birth. With those choices we are delivered to our birth chart, which remains the same for our entire lifetime.

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In Cosmic Consciousness, the energy field is divided into four quadrants, reflecting the four realms we experience as human beings in the 3rd dimension: the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical areas of life. This “division” is created by the intersection of the vertical and horizontal axes, which produces a cross (crossroad) that defines all human experience in physical form. This cross, known as the the axis mundi, or the World Axis, is a 3D visual. It contains the horizontal arm that represents our separation "me and you" consciousness, and the vertical axis that represents our connection with Source
Without conscious awareness of these two axes, we tend to travel the wheel of life in a continually repetitive circle. We will walk this circular path seemingly endlessly until the day comes when we realize we are repeating the same steps. At some point during this process, we awaken to the repetitive nature of our (unconscious) choices, and the spiral, the sacred geometry of our existence, comes into our consciousness. The spiral has two directions, counterclockwise (down) toward the physical and separation consciousness, and clockwise (up) toward Source. This is the TRUE vertical axis, and it is our True Path to ascension.

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Within the crossroad, starting at the top of the chart (the Midheaven), each quadrant, or etheric body begins at a Portal of Truth (formerly cusp) and continues at 90° intervals  that include three hours or mansions. Cusps were thought to separate these hours, but a portal represents a passage that connects two aspects of our consciousness. As we emerge from a portal, a new sphere of existence begins. These four angles on the chart reflect the lower 4-body system of our 3D experience: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
Each quadrant contains 3 qualities of consciousness (signs), totalling the 12 different mansions (hours) of our experience. These 3 qualities correspond to the 3D Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable energies, but in Cosmic Consciousness they represent the threefold flame of the heart… Power, Love and Wisdom. There is one of each of these flames for each etheric body. The Power signs represents Brahma, the power of that particular realm within us. The Love signs represents Vishnu,  the mechanism of that body, and the Wisdom signs represent Shiva, the transformational energies of that realm.
We travel around our energy field hour by hour, beginning at the midheaven (12 o’clock hour) on our personal birthday, and we enter into each successive mansion through some kind of initiation on or around the date of our birth each month. By our next birthday we will have completed the experience of all the parts of our Selves through the lower four bodies.
Since time is a fractal thing, we also travel around our personal energy field once every 12 years, entering a new mansion each year that will be experienced and cleared of karmic debris with each of the 12 initiations that serve that part of our consciousness. What those initiations are depends on how far we’ve come and what we’re ready for next.
We are each sparks of Light that live on our own eternal spiral. If we were to slice that spiral from left to right to represent the beginning and end of this lifetime, and look at that slice head on, we would see our birth chart. We choose the moment we arrive so that we can have the physical experience of that part of our eternal Being.