Written by Stephanie Azaria with Shelly Leal
The actual significance of Jupiter and Saturn has been apparent since the discovery of the solar system. Before astronomers could see beyond Saturn, these two archetypes were the outermost planets we knew. With the discoveries of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn were reassigned to the middle of the solar system. In 1992 the Kuiper Belt was discovered, expanding our neighborhood to 10 times its original size. Yet Jupiter and Saturn still dominate; they remain the 2 largest planets, making them undeniably important.
These two planets represent the inner/outer function of every consciousness. Because they are located in the middle of the solar system, they refer to  the relationship between the individual self and the universal Oneness we all share. Even more significantly, they reflect our own personal experience of this relationship.  
There is an expansive quality to Jupiter, and a “contractive” quality to Saturn. Jupiter’s gravity actually holds the solar system together, whereas  Saturn’s rings make us aware of its beautiful definition and also its boundaries.
Jupiter and Saturn are our social identifiers.  Jupiter’s archetype expands what we perceive about our Selves whenever we interact with the outside world. We gain wisdom as we come to understand what is 'out there' and how we relate to it.  Saturn’s energies are more focused on defining the Self according to what we perceive 'out there', until we begin to realize that our fear-based judgments and comparisons are ultimately Self-limiting.
In Truth, what is 'out there' is the exact reflection of what is within us. Everything is Self, and as others are drawn to our frequencies, they reflect back at us who we are. That is the true meaning and purpose of all relationship. Jupiter and Saturn are 'gigantic' reminders that the interactive part of life on Earth is the main theme and the real reason for being here.
Once we begin to realize our Selves and we begin to understand that everything ‘out there’ is our reflection or projection, we ultimately come to realize that there is nothing in the world that isn't coming from our own consciousness. If it isn't in our awareness in the first place, we won't perceive it at all.
Jupiter and Saturn signify the way we connect our individuality to the collective whole, through the development of our objectivity, which is a social process. Objectivity means that we can be aware of the way others perceive us, and we can observe the effects that our actions may have on others. Becoming objective about the individual Self is a major step toward becoming the Great Observer, a state of consciousness that is vital to attain if we are going to achieve a 5D level of awareness.  
Together Jupiter and Saturn function to bring our connection with others to our awareness in two distinct but polarized ways. Jupiter represents our desire to achieve personal freedom and liberation, as we interact with the outer world and explore the opportunities that result in the expansion of consciousness. 
Through Saturn, we learn about relationships through boundaries, perceived restrictions and limitations, and the need to deal maturely and responsibly with any challenging circumstance. Saturn, as the Great Teacher, often brings us back to the experience of fear-based reaction, which always stems from the belief in separation.  
The state of physicality is what causes us to believe we are separate from each other. In 3D consciousness, there is me and there is you, and we perceive ourselves to be disconnected. We don't particularly recognize the ways in which we are the same. Saturn offers us the greatest lessons we will ever learn about overcoming the concept of the separated self and stepping into the authentic Self.
The way Jupiter and Saturn relate to each other in our birth chart (energy field), describes the way we have set up our social identity. If they form any kind of an aspect to each other, then social consciousness is important to us. The more emphasized these planets are in the chart by placement, the more focal the social experience becomes.
Through these two planets, we come to realize our lives in terms of a bigger picture, and subsequently gain the perspective we need to comprehend the fact that a Higher Power is at work in our lives.