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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Libra
  • Moon enters Scorpio: 5:29am
  • Moon Void of Course: 4:13am – 5:29am
  • Black Moon is Retrograde
  • 3:3 Star Gate
                 Quaoar/Earth Star Communion Begins

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In the middle of all the chaos being wreaked by the Corona Virus with the big question mark around it, this day sees the beginning of a long term communion between Quaoar and the Earth Star Karmic Node. This meeting is long term and occurs at 4 degrees of Capricorn and change. It beings the lower degree Power crossroad into full focus, and on April 4, when Chiron and Salacia come together, ALSO at 4 Aries and change, the crossroad brings tremendous capacity for change.
“Quaoar rules manifestation- it is where we bring into being that which we desire. You can channel its deep space transpersonal properties to transform your experience of reality. Within Quaoar’s mythology, it is a seen as a creation force. This force is alive and well within all of us and we use it every day mostly without conscious awareness. Once you learn to harness this energy and work with it, you can literally create your own personal reality that lines up with your highest intentions. You can do this by tapping into your sensory acuity, the source of intuition, and letting it guide you .This is the path of joyful creation, discovering the unified field and interconnectedness of all then using that knowledge to bring about a brighter future. (”

I’ll get back to this great communion, which promises to take us to all new levels of being, in just a moment. This is a huge day. It seems every day is, these days. Life is changing radically on a regular basis. Each day delivers us to all new protocols and rules and regulations, new people, places and things we can’t (or shouldn’t) go near. It’s enough to make us pull our hair out. It’s very stressful. But then, it does tend to be terrifying when we are faced with the unknown.
There are THREE new cycles today, not including the Quaoar/Earth Star communion. The Sun comes together with the Black Moon today. What a fascinating connection this is. The divine feminine master of the shadows in alignment with the Sun, which reveals the unseen. This should be interesting. The Black Moon also finds resource with Jupiter today, taking whatever is unveiled and expanding its influence in ways we might not be able to imagine.
Speaking of imagining things, take another look at that description of Quaoar above. It is a creator archetype, that makes it possible to manifest anything… ANYTHING. I call the Quaoar/Earth Star event a communion, because it will be in effect for a long time. This is a degree where the node happens to get stuck. It will go retrograde and direct with great frequency here for a while. Quaoar, of course, has a huge orbit, (286 years) , and so moves very slowly. This communion will grace us for a while, in a light bridge with the Soul Star Node, connecting us with Source. The Soul Star is transiting Cancer…
As I was writing the article for Cancer with Shelly Leal yesterday (now in the CC Corner), I came across something I wrote back in May of 2015:
 “Even when you are going through a really tough time, being centered in the heart means you can remember that it’s all happening for a good reason, and you can remain faithful, heartened if you will, to the realization that all is well and you will gain from whatever you are experiencing. We all know that a tough moment yields an amazing breakthrough, always and without exception. When you are centered in the heart, you don’t forget that, even in the middle of an upheaval. This is inner serenity, and it is available to each and every one of us. “
Bear all of this in your heart during the weeks and months ahead.  This is THAT moment when the old world comes to an end and the new world is born. Are you a willing participant in creating the new world? I know you are.
The other new cycles today are Venus Albion and Vesta Sedna. These are some super conscious shifts that are made possible by these conjunctions. Pay attention to the music in your heart and your life today. Vesta helps to keep Sedna’s records alive and crystal clear.
Here are Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for all four new cycles that occurs today. These are reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Taurus 8:  A very complicated hedge maze.

(Venus Albion New Cycle)
               “Finding the self in the thick of unresolvable dilemmas, irreversible derision’s, confounding complexities and multiplicity’s on every hand. Seeming to be the victim or product of contexts and combinations which breed fragmentation’s and nowhere to go.
               The test is to move gradually and slowly through this apparent external world conundrum and to eventually come out in a different pattern altogether. Yet to get there is immensely demanding, more than flesh can take.
               For the semblance is foreground, is pervasive, is convincing. It runs power plays of everything seeming to conspire to prevent what lives within from coming through in this world effectively. And as this drama plays out, it pulls through itself so many subsidiary angles and confirmations of it’s unbearable   that anybody would commonsensically feel that this is a pre determined fate of everything going wrong and nothing being simple and clear.
               Right in the core, the radiant center of this disturbing dissonance lies a place of peace, tranquillity, and wholeness. This place inside sparks a resonance of immense reserve forces being able to be tapped in order to withstand the shock of apparent ill winds blowing against the self. And as this bottomless reservoir of inward source conviction is tapped and mobilized, the entire situation turns around.
               We were putting our emphasis upon the least vital and compelling and enduring factors. We were allowing the karmic drama to distract us from our basic task. We were giving a lot of power and credence to external structures and syndromes of every kind. We were letting conditioning hold sway.
               The one in the deep center is slow and steady and gets just where they’re going when they need to. No attachments to form, surrounding pride and outward prestige. Uncovering a strength, a wisdom, a relevant truth which opens a door into another world altogether, where all that we intend is fulfilled consummately.”

Taurus 28:  A man making candles out of beeswax.

(Vesta Sedna New Cycle)
               “Harnessing the power of creation for the sake of ordinary life. Knowing how to tap the greater worlds for whatever we need in our basic existence. Being granted a very special aptitude for getting on with the spirit life in forms which makes it so very serviceable and legitimate on worldly terms.
               The task of mediating between spirit purposes and earthly service. A great range of possible levels to do this on. Most will tackle the outermost layers and become adept in the application of spirit laws and principles to the most commonsensical situations. But there is a lot more to it than that.
               The esoteric understanding that we are building or forming in the Earth something which needs to be authentically like unto spirit realms and not just expedient or externally constructed. A craft or guild of those who know how to manifest spirit without much lost in the translation. The earnest, sincere endeavor to make these training’s and understandings real and helpful in this world now.
               A certain tendency to lose heart when the intentions are not recognized and the outer reflection is focused upon unduly. A deep pride in what one is doing and what it takes to be so committed. A vulnerability to despondency at times of lowest ebb.
               The drive here is to keep coming back from all such soul moods to once again be clearly, steadily on the beam. Immense reserves of life force and of core capacity. A truly remarkable depth of participation within the earth dance in it’s spiritual essence.
               A need to be needed. A sense of fulfilling a greater destiny or else being crushed. More here than meets the eye. A lot to carry and bear, a whole lot to offer.”


Cancer 5:  A trap door under a rug.

               “Descending through the layers into the places where every fear, every hope, every dream, every nightmare, every fantasy lives and lurks and seeks to play itself out. Magnetically drawn, against all survival instincts, to get in touch with the depths and tap the secret places, right in the face of our own immense resistance to this process.
               A trance of inward necessity. Almost mesmerized to go down under and confront what is to be met. Trauma and crystallization. The unearthing of that which we all prefer to sweep out of view. A nose for trouble, for chaos, for going where we’re not wanted. The shadow essence playing itself out either at levels of subconscious and unconscious compulsion, or being entered upon willingly and daringly.
               Sabotage of self and world is rarely considered useful or necessary. It seems to be perverse, wrongheaded, and really way off base. But the need is there and such tasks are not pleasant or reinforcing. However sometimes they come upon us from a depth that cannot be refused.
               A consciousness given over to a certain curiosity and driving force of need to know. The investigator. The sleuth. The one who is implicated in all of it. The best example and the worst, all rolled in one, every bit of it inescapable.
               The stage for this was set a long time ago. An agreement was made this time to let the truth be revealed anyway it needs to be. The contrast is binding. The only thing you can do is fulfill it with a certain humor as you observe the next twist.”
(Crazy, huh?)

  Pisces 23:  Someone lurking in a dark wood. They are waiting for a passerby.

(And some more crazy: Sun Black Moon new Cycle)
               “The inward experience of a primal split. We search for our lost self and equally are the one who is lost. We span many polarities. We are life and death, spirit and deep substance, awaking awareness and the nightmares which haunt.
               We are disturbed, uneasy, on edge. Whatever we fear feels to be very close at hand. We are stalking ourselves. A part got dislodged from the rest somewhere back there. And so we can sense that something is missing, something is wrong with us, and nothing outward can make any difference in it.
               Our path here lies in soul process of a radical kind. We cannot find a true center and inner ground. So we are desperate to probe, to pierce, to get down under. This leads us on an adventure through our own primal soul, through the collective undersoul, into all the deep hidden places of this earth.
               We are called upon to heal the split. It is absolutely crucial that we do something about what we are up against. It’s the kind of thing which gets worse if you ignore it. Whatever is faced becomes the known, something to build on in these deep waters.
               Whether sensed as inside the soul, inside the world, or both, we are here faced with an unavoidable dilemma. Part of us is trying to get the attention of the other part. But they speak a different language. It’s been too long. They don’t know how to get through to each other. And there is a lot of pain and grief involved.
               It is possible to come through this frequency with a tremendous victory. This arises where we persevere mightily in our intention to bring a vibrant spirit to bear upon old traumas and wounds.”
Is it just me, or are these meditations getting more and more and more poignant? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. That’s how the new world gets created….


“Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast…”
The Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland