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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Moon enters Pisces: 8:34am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 8:34am
  • Black Moon is Retrograde
  • 3:3 Star Gate
                Black Moon Dancing Wildly

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I want to thank Shelly Leal for sending me this link to an article by Lee Harris.. It’s very comforting and amazing… CHECK IT OUT
This new reality is ramping up rapidly, and the planets are reflecting it all with great accuracy. Today alone there are seven planetary events, and tomorrow there are nine. The Black Moon is dancing with relentless energy right now, which means much will be revealed. She will produce four important aspects each day for the next three days and a few more on Tuesday and Wednesday before she retreats into a corner for a little respite. Just the Black Moon’s activity alone reveals the wild and crazy nature of the days we are living through, but that’s not even close to all…

This weekend alone three planets will change signs, and that changes the collective consciousness radically. First thing this morning the Goddess asteroid Vesta moves into Gemini. She shifts from stable, grounded, solid Taurus into the ever moving, spinning and changing realm of Gemini. Nothing is better or worse than anything else. It just changes. And it is what it is. The less resistance you offer up, the smoother this ride without brakes will be.
The rest of the day is taken up with four Black Moon connections and a Mars Eris Stepping Stone. This aspect can be quite disruptive, but remember that the Great Awakener doesn’t disrupt to take things down, she does to to wake you up. Disruption almost always leads to more conscious awareness and clarity. Let these two do their thing. Mars is still shaking off that old ‘warrior’ energy he’s been carrying for years, and Eris has the unprecedented capacity to reveal him for what he truly is. (And what he is is a good thing in the end, no matter how much we want to project our fear and doubt onto him).
Hold steady and allow whatever is revealed today to stand. Let it all be, just as it is. BE LOVE. Resistance and struggle only brings on more of the same.
And just 2 minutes before midnight tonight Saturn moves into Aquarius. This is a big deal. Saturn is a major player in the current virus situation. (I do not mean that Saturn created it, but Saturn/Pluto reflects the war-like situation we are currently dealing with). Saturn has spent the last two years moving through Capricorn, which is his own sign. We have all learned a great deal about what leadership means to us, personally and collectively. The theme of sovereignty, taking responsibility for our Selves, has been learned over and over again, in many cases the very hard way.
Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius has two very major effects. First, it produces a taste, a prelude to his next chapter. He will be in Aquarius for a few months, and he will move back into Capricorn on July 1st. He makes it only to about 2 Aquarius before he goes retrograde on May 11. The second effect this ingress into Aquarius offers is a glimpse into the upcoming Jupiter Saturn new cycle, which occurs at 1 Aquarius on December 21. This means that Saturn will transit the degree of that next new cycle of social consciousness twice before the actual Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurs. We have plenty to learn.
It’s not an accident that all this, plus the triple Jupiter Pluto conjunction that begins April 4 and ends mid November coincides with this election cycle. This entire “dream” we are moving through is THE way we will manage to get to real change. None of us knows just how this will happen, but we with the tools to stay centered and continue shining, we know we are to be the conduits for that change.
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“We are less affected by outside forces the more we practice, the more we are rooted in ourselves. And that presence is who we really are. As you practice, you become more present and less in thoughts.”
~Krishna Das