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                 Black Moon Eris Communion

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Okay this is two days in a row I find my Self having to apologize for misinforming you.  The Black Moon did come together with Eris (The Female Great Awakener) yesterday, as mentioned, but it was not the last time they will come together during this Black Moon cycle. It isn’t really like me to offer up the wrong facts, and I am grateful to Shelly Leal for pointing out that the Black Moon may be finishing up with Pisces and the world axis this month, but she is by no means finished with her journey through Aries. In fact, she will be dancing here, back and forth with Eris, all the way through to the end of the year…

That Black Moon Eris conjunction last night was one of the first of a year long communion that these two will play out. There are at least TEN more of these communions coming up this year. Even more significantly, the Black Moon will be dancing between Eris and Uranus for much of the year, and this seems to tell a tale of great awakening, doesn’t it? The Black Moon will also make contact with Chiron and Mars a number of times this year.
When the Black Moon comes together with a slower moving planet repeatedly, it makes sense. But the faster, lower body rulers don’t usually get such a heaping does of Lilith.  This time around,  Mars will dance a long pas de deux with Lilith because he slows down and goes retrograde while the Black Moon is in his vicinity.
So Lilith will be dancing with Chiron, Mars, Eris and Uranus all year long. Mars represents our two homes: the Earth and our body. It seems both are being ‘ravaged’ right now by the Corona Virus. A tiny little protein that changes all of life on earth and levels everything and everyone. This viral incident is essential to our ascension process. If it’s excruciating, we must remember that all change tends to be painful.
There’s a worm hole coming up at the end of May, and the Black Moon will dance between Eris and Uranus throughout that entire journey. It seems there is an awakening of the highest order on tap. It seems to me that the upcoming worm hole (5/22/ – 7/20/20) will tell the whole tale. Of course, everything that is happening this year is tied up with or profoundly affects the upcoming election. The Democratic Convention was moved from July to August, just one week before the Republican convention. That seems a clear turning point.
The other mistake I made this week was to say the Black Moon would be very busy this coming week. She did go retrograde on Wednesday morning and then she made a whole bunch of aspects yesterday, but she won’t make another aspect at all for another week. I was thinking about the energy of the Black Moon’s action. I have mentioned many times that when she is active she is reaching for Truth, and when she is quiet the Truth is somehow revealed.
It’s something like this: If we have a huge statue that needs unveiling, it can take a long while and a lot of effort to remove the draping that covers it up. The effort made to get that cover off is similar to the Black Moon in action. when the veil drops and we see the statue underneath for the first time, that happens when the Black Moon is quiet.
I mentioned this idea to Christine Clemmer yesterday and she reminded me of the idea that the statue of David was always existent within the block of marble that Michelangelo created it out of. The masterpiece was always there. As the artist chipped away at the negative areas, at everything that was not part of the masterpiece, the brilliant statue emerged.
I feel that the virus is the special tool that the Black Moon is making use of to get that Truth revealed. All we truly have to do is sit back and have faith in the process.


“No thought has any power. You have power. And when you identify and believe in the thought you give power to the thought.”