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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 10:39pm - Midnight
  • FULL MOON (Sun Moon Bridge): 6:45am EDT
  • 17 Taurus 20
                  Scorpio Full Moon

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The Scorpio Full Moon occurs early this morning (EDT), bringing much of the deep and transformational emotional energies to a powerful crescendo. It is hard to ignore Pluto when he is dominant, and he has been in charge since the beginning of the year. (He will remain so for the next two years, just saying…). Today the full Moon belongs to, is disposed by, Pluto. The one thing Pluto requires is submission. PEACEFUL submission. If you can do that, in the fact of all that is happening right now, you have the opportunity to make excellent use of Pluto’s powers. What Pluto offers is rebirth and resurrection. It comes from the metamorphosis that happens when you allow your Self to be transformed. If you look beyond the pain and suffering, the difficulties of the moment, it’s almost impossible to deny that a major alchemical shift is taking place.


Our consciousness is represented by 13 signs (currently). And each of those qualities of our consciousness, which we all share, is being uplifted… ugraded.. into a new dimension of reality. It might help to learn a bit more about Scorpio. The more we perceive of the various qualities of this sign, the more we can make our Selves at home there. Where Scorpio holds court, transformation is happening. It may be obvious, and then it may not be, but it is going to become the fabric of a totally alchemized realm. Make no mistake about it.
As I mentioned yesterday, there is a very important intersection taking place today… It involves the Black Moon and Eris, Arcturus/Haumea  and Pluto. In this case Pluto serves as the on off ramp to the Light Bridge that is made of those amazing 5D archetypes. An on off ramp offers a choice, does it not? Are you getting on the bridge or running from it?
One thing about Scorpio energy that is best kept in mind is that it tends to be afraid of its own power. It worries that if it steps forward into itself it will lose itself somehow. . . maybe outgrow itself… Get out of its own control. Those are fears and they are designed by the ego to prevent the very growth and major transformation Scorpio promises to deliver.
This Full Moon will deliver us, in two weeks to a Gemini New Moon which serves to open a new worm hole. That worm hole is disposed by Mercury, and Mercury is moving VERY fast right now. During the next 21 days, he will travel from 20 Taurus into Cancer. He will touch the world axis and the Light Bridge that is in effect today, crossing 29 Gemini, coming into alignment with the Soul Star (evolutionary collective node).
Also in the next week or so, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter will go retrograde, joining Pluto, and providing us AT LAST with someplace to ground these intense energies. (When I say GROUND, I mean make contact with the higher Self and realize the meaning of it all). There’s plenty of turning around yet to come. Remain the observer, and watch what happens.
Please check out the Full Moon Report, brand new from Vivian Small, for much more information on today’s lunation.
And here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s full Moon, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

Scorpio 18: People holding hands around a table. One candle is burning in the middle of the table.

               “Merging our will with spirit.  Focusing the power of what we carry in the centering, grounding,    action of the Living Spirit. Giving our all for the cause of what spirit wants to do and needs to do in this world at this time.
               Gathering all our many selves to simultaneously burn up in the spirit light. Being driven to the utmost to retrieve from death, from tragedy, from lost places everybody in her who can contribute to the flames. Having a wild time of it in terms of battling with resistance’s and lingering residues.
               Feeling with utmost passion the call to burn up the dross of mistakes, of every time we ever have fallen short of the mark. Being incapable of bearing for another moment what it is like to be cut off, separative, less than what we really are inside.
               A tremendous impulse that gathers momentum as we get into it. At first, the obstacles seem so intense and the drive feels to be too diffuse. But the further we go with this, the easier it is to sense that we are bringing all our selves to the table and that we could not get them here smoothly and quickly.
               A deep thunderous roar, a voice rarely released. The sound that comes from working on the inside in diverse directions and beginning to sense the worlds coming together after forever being apart. An immense willingness to go through anything and everything to walk in naked splendor in the tall grass.
               A certain undertow that is deadly. So much has been worked, suffered, lost. If the backlog is identified with too harshly, paralysis sets in. But the thrust of destiny is so great that ultimately these stopping points are really just the deepest food for the fire to burn.
               Death has no sting when life arises to itself with sufficient focused intent and surrendered will. Out of that which was burned to ash arises a different being, one with a bold and steady step, sturdy through and through.”


“How clearly can your humanity embody the enlightened condition?”