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  • Waning Moon
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                      Worm Hole Ahead

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As we get closer and closer to the upcoming wormhole, the Gemini sector of our consciousness is coming into full focus. When the Sun enters Gemini at 9:49am EDT today, six important planets and points will comprise a Gemini Stellium that will in many ways define the entire eclipse passage ahead. Gemini is the sign of conscious wisdom. It is a part of the mental body. It has undergone tremendous recalibration and upgrade in the recent past, giving us all access to the higher Mind, should we choose to make that connection.

Today the Sun comes together with Alcyone, the main star of the Pleiades. The Pleiadian system has been with us for many millennia, assisting our ascension process. With our new access to the higher aspects of the Mind, this Sun Alcyone new cycle today should generate a lot of Love based thought and understanding. In addition, it will serve to nourish the eclipse journey we are all setting out on collectively.
Venus and Mercury, depositors of the Heart and Mind respectively, are also both in Gemini, and are coming together for a new cycle on Friday, just as the Sun and Moon come together for their own new cycle (with Alcyone fully present as well). Venus is retrograde, as you know, giving the heart a leg up when it comes to conscious awareness.
Also today, speaking of conscious awareness, Venus and Neptune form a stepping stone. This too give us a major leg up th bring the heart into alignment with the higher Self. As the Moon enters Gemini early Friday, there will be SEVEN planets and points in Gemini, making it very difficult to ignore this part of our being. Vesta is present, fresh from a conjunction with the retrograde Venus and fully prepared to receive Mercury in another day or so. As Vests represents our capacity for devotion, it seems we are ready for a new Mind/Heart alignment. This one should take us into the new paradigm of the higher Mind, and our ascended state of being.
Also in Gemini is the Soul Star (dharmic) chakra, the Moon’s North Node, which leads the way to our evolution. The Collective Soul Star chakra on the world axis at 29 Gemini promises to deliver us to all new ways to transcend the duality of physical life on earth.  And speaking of physical life on Earth, Mars forms a great eliminator with MakeMake today, bringing the physical experience to all new parameters that involve the higher laws of the Universe. There’s so much available to us now, if we open up and let it all be.


“When the river enters the ocean, it loses its name.”