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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Moon enters Gemini: 9:36am
  • Moon Void of Course: 4:00am – 9:36am
  • NEW MOON (Sun Moon New Cycle): 1:38pm
  • 2 Gemini 04 – WORM HOLE ACTIVATES
  • 4:4 Star Gate
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate


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This morning at 9:36am EDT the Moon enters Gemini and officially kicks off what might be the most important Dark of the Moon of the entire year. As the Moon moves into Gemini, she joins SIX other planets and points to produce a gigantic and powerful and overriding consciousness of Mental wisdom. Gemini is the sign of Mental wisdom. In Cosmic Consciousness, the wisdom signs, (once known as mutable). represent our capacity to act in accordance with everything we have learned from the time through Aries (Mental Power) and Taurus (Mental Love) . Wisdom signs are action signs. Clearly, the months ahead are going to offer us the chance to take action based on what the virus has put us through.


But it won’t be that cut and dried. At 1:38pm EDT the Gemini New Moon occurs and opens a two month long worm hole. If you take a look at the image above, you can see that instead of taking that long way around, the first eclipse (on two weeks) produces a short cut that takes us from the first opening to the second. That will take six weeks as opposed to many many months (no one knows how long). This worm hole contains THREE eclipses, which I like to refer to as sideways elevators. They bring unexpected events that serve as previously unseen doorways or passages to an entirely new place. Sideways elevators ALWAYS deliver us to places we never dreamed we could get to, but only if we go into them fearlessly.
I would say fasten your seat belts, but Gemini energy is so fast and so active, you won’t want to stay buckled in. In fact, it isn’t likely you’ll be able to stay in a tied down state if you’re going to take those shortcuts. You may note that Mercury and Venus retrograde come together this morning, in an all important new cycle… Both of these dispositors of the Mind and Heart are in stepping stones with Neptune, making for the need to gain clarity and focus, and producing a farm more enlightened capacity for visual acumen once that clarity is attained. Stepping stones aren’t the easiest to navigate, but they are certainly among the most rewarding.
The Sun and Moon both manifest with Saturn today as well, and while this would typically make for structure and definition in the weeks ahead, the Aquarius energetic associated with Saturn currently will give us more of a glimpse at the future than anything else. Take it all in, as it will certainly serve and make the most sense at the end of the year, when Jupiter and Saturn come together back at this same degree in Aquarius.
Please read Vivian Small’s Moon Report for much more on the new Moon and the worm hole, and here are Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for today’s new Moon and Mercury Venus new cycle… These are reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. 

Gemini 3 : A dense thicket of brambles surrounding a magic castle.

Gemini New Moon – pretty amazing for a worm hole opening…
              ” Persona eludes any and all attempts to pierce it’s disguise and get at what it is hiding, protecting, guarding. The fine art of wielding persona in order to maintain on a separate track a whole other world of meaning and value. Outwardly, seeming to be anything and everything which throws others off, hardly caring whether the impression is wondrous, terrible, or mixed. Only preoccupied with keeping the goods inside, keeping the world on the outside in a numb trance of falling for what seems.
               Meanwhile, deep underneath this display of elaborate camouflage, the core involvement persists very purely in staying with what has always been the prime issue and commitment. The soul is devoted to stick by as closely as can be to the magical ways, in a fashion just like ancient timeless legends and tales reveal and accentuate.
               A stark split between surface and depth. A gulf, an abyss. This can lead to a disconnection, a void space, an extreme alienation and dissociation from everything around. To move through such a passage is one of those mistakes which will show what is really going on here and where all this is leading.
               Layer upon layer of dissimulation, of humor, or charm, of whatever it takes. Profound buried treasure, seemingly lost, greatly intact. A way of doing it that is as hard as can be. No consolations. In the true sense, no place to hide.
               An agreement to hold a focus on the inner that is more than controversial on the outer. A masterful ability to get away with this. Yet what an agony to be so concealed for so very long. Especially because the buried treasure thrives on circulation and currency, and is fabulously determined to the conditions of waiting, hoping and staying under.”


Gemini 21: Wine casks retrieved from an ancient shipwreck.

(Mercury Venus (R) New Cycle_)
               “We know from before the keys to the future, and they serve us now by providing a subtle connection that makes all the difference. We disprove time’s linear sequential divisions by our simultaneous awareness which goes way back and far forward, accompanying this moment with overtones and undertones of a staggering multiplicity and variety. In the midst of all this, we select out what is most relevant and timely, but everything else we are part of closely accompanies that stark singular focus of what is foreground apparent.
               This provides us with a peculiar vantage point, one which can be more than distracting, even scattering and fragmenting. It takes a certain persistence to get at the core theme and wear it coherently. Unless we move with this consciousness in a lively and willing fashion, it can so easily turn against us and become a dissociated trauma of being everywhere and nowhere.
               Yet as soon as we strive to go a bit deeper, stay a little longer in the focus of awareness, what was      becomes a startling way of knowing that turns our life around. We adventure into the many points of time where we are simultaneously tracking       asking the one who is currently in charge to remember and rededicate. And as soon as we link up, the whole network is there.
               When we are open to the spark of this frequency, we can be at home as a multi-self in a world free of fixed definitions. If we learn the ropes, we even become entirely able to navigate any combination of streams and worlds as though they were all part of the same web.
               In the deep center of this extraordinary sphere, we are shown the one who came here from afar, the one who will travel onward from here one day, and the one we are moving through right now as brother and sisters of each other, collaborating across time. Once we get really into it, the spark point and it’s ultimate possibilities become the moment’s infinite con.”
“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.”
~John Muir