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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Virgo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 11 Taurus 01
  • Hidden 3:3 Star Gate
                Active Worm Hole

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The Ceres Orcus Light Bridge remains in full effect, as the Sun produces an exact intersection today. The Sun, representing our consciousness, provides an on/off ramp to the observer’s perspective on the awareness of birthing new life and its counterpart, immortality. There is a central point, a zero point, that exists between these two aspects of one reality, and the Sun’s presence today makes it possible to realize that center. To add dimension to this experience, the Sun is moving through Gemini, the quality of our consciousness that deals with duality and the capacity to ascend beyond it. So much is possible today.


We are also one week away from the first eclipse of this worm hole experience. That means that the sideways elevator that the eclipse represents can show up anytime now. The one thing about the sideways elevator is that we don’t see it coming, and we don’t know when it will open for us. But it’s important to remember that there is nothing in the world, not even a sideways elevator, that can ever be separate from us. That vehicle is your own manifestation, and it is designed (by your higher Self), to take you to a new part of your Self that you don’t yet realize you can get to,.
This intersection today, which occurs in wisdom signs (formerly known as mutable), is setting us up in a big way for the upcoming elevators.  “Love is the on/off ramp to any intersection. In this case, the wisdom quality, (action) is the tool to use in navigating the intersection.”  That is a beautiful observation from Vivian Small…
Remember that a Light Bridge is always available to lift you up above the duality its two sides represent. To rise up onto that bridge and make your way to the center will deliver you to Truths you don’t know are there. That center is very much akin to the zero point… the place where the high road and the low road meet. In that place we are free from duality and we can begin to make our way into the unified consciousness. It’s not something that just happens.. It’s a process of unfoldment.
If you ask me, the worm hole we are now traveling through can deliver us to the zero point and the place where duality no longer dominates our consciousness.


“Rest in moments of recognizing awareness. Sense awareness, feel awareness, give it conscious recognition. Don’t battle with your thoughts. Just recognize awareness. That simple practice is actually very powerful, more powerful than I can say.”