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    Active Sideways Elevators (Image by Lauren Fox)

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    Today the Sun and Venus come together for an inferior conjunction, marking the midpoint of Venus’ retrograde cycle. Venus has recently become the morning star, and as such she has a powerful capacity to surrender and to allow reality to be what it is. This is fortunate, in a particularly uncomfortable moment on the planet. Stay tuned to your heart, and let it be your guide. Refuse to allow your head focus too greatly on the discomforts that permeate the world right now. They are there, there’s no denying it, but the heart is so empowered right now, and if we but choose to attune to it instead of the fears that are rampant, the experience becomes an entirely different thing.

    Venus and the Sun come together today at 14 Gemini. producing a very VERY powerful Light Bridge with the Great Attractor degree. This is a source black hole that is capable of downloading so much consciousness. All that is needed is to tune into the heart, which is currently perfectly equipped to receive this higher wisdom.  It’s quite a day for the Light to break through, despite all the shadows and darkness.
    This is one of the important turning points inside this much larger life changing moment… The Sun and Venus bring us so totally and directly to the heart. No matter what else happens today… resolve to stay with your heart and keep it wide open. There’s a sideways elevator coming up any moment. Coming from the heart can go a long way toward getting you to where you most want to be.
    Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Sun Venus inferior conjunction, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks… I am leaving it short and simple today… to give us all room to move fully into our hearts…

    Gemini 14:  A sorcerer materializes an Amethyst Cross.

                   “Working very hard to generate something new. Being assigned the task of doing everything required in order to make innovations, discoveries, breakthroughs possible. A way of life dedicated to becoming the vehicle for invisible forces to work their magic through, for better or for worse.
                   An exceedingly amoral way of approaching these matters. Coming from pure empirical levels. Only believing and following what shows up. Perhaps even tuned out altogether to whatever can’t be used, can’t be turned to good account.
                   Wildly excited about the prospects of the latest discovery or project. Awake to all the implications and reverberations. Tending strongly to identify within and lose the self inside of the enthusiasms, the currents which take charge.
                   Talented beyond any boundaries in directions which can be abused, can be offered up, can be exploited endlessly. Raw material for making something happen here. The combination of intelligence and practical stuff to generate awareness’ that really might go anywhere and want to go everywhere that the spark flies.
                   Most especially granted a knack for putting the final touches on multiple factors  coming together.  The completion of old business and venturing into areas previously untouched. The movement from worlds of old or worlds emerging on a whole different horizon.
                   The somewhat overwhelming responsibility to  wield effectively and ethically that which is inherently lawless and defiant of any and all imposed standards. Yet the objective is to bring forth something that is high frequency, that really means something. And to make that possible requires a whole lot of fast growth and  evolvement and maturing.”
    “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”
    ~Thomas Jefferson