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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Moon enters Sagittarius: 7:17am
  • Moon Void of Course: 1:36am – 7:17am
  • 4:4 Star Gate
                      Sideways Elevators

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Have you seen the article I wrote with Shelly Leal on the Great Attractor in the CC Corner? This is the perfect time to check it out, as the Sun and Venus form a very powerful Light Bridge with this exceptionally potent black hole that sits in the center of our local universe. It is a Source point.. Downloads of great consciousness pour from it constantly, and when there’s a Light Bridge such as this one, (an opposition from the Sun and Venus, in this case), we have a most amazing opportunity to step up onto that high way of Light and realize the essence and the


The Sun Venus new cycle occurred yesterday, and it marked the middle of the Venus retrograde cycle. This happens every time Venus goes retrograde, but this particular time is so significant, because the worm hole opened with a Mercury Venus new cycle. Everything Venus does during this retrograde cycle inside this worm hole, along with the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle, ALSO inside the worm hole, will deliver us to a brand new Mind/Heart alignment.
It is very relevant that both planets are going through these realignments on their own and together. Venus and Mercury will not come together again until after the new year. We have to go through everything this year will bring before the new alignment can happen. It looks lie a civil war is being instigated. It makes sense to me, though it is heartbreaking. This country was founded upon the issue of Black inequality and it has to be completely destroyed before a new system can emerge. That is what’s happening.
Do your best not to assign any judgment to anyone or anything. This is just the beginning of a very difficult time on the planet. The world needs our Light. We must hold the space, and we can do this by staying focused on the higher purpose of it all. That purpose is the healing… the wholing.. of our planet. The planet will survive. We know this. We must do our part, there’s nothing else to do.


“There is new life in the soil for every man. There is healing in the trees for tired minds and for our overburdened spirits, there is strength in the hills, if only we will lift up our eyes. Remember that nature is your great restorer.”

~Calvin Coolidge