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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Capricorn: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate
                Sideways Elevators

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The Black Moon is very active today, making 3 aspects and reentering Aries. She’s about to get very active again in the days ahead, and she will do so while Mars, disposing her, comes together with Neptune. Talk about veils lifting! There’s no denying that we’re beginning to see the Truth of what’s going on at the top and underneath the surface. It’s best to gather this information while perched on your favorite Light Bridge. Stand back and watch, withholding judgment and allowing a heartfelt response to arise, even in the wake of so much intense reaction. It’s hard not to react, but that is not the Light worker’s way. There is so much to see, and an emotional reaction to anything automatically cuts off your vision.

At this moment in time, nothing could be more important than allowing whatever is happening to happen. Remembering that it’s all perfect, no matter what we think about it. We are at the very beginning of the total unraveling of the structure that our country was built on. It’s a good thing. It was built on the wrong ideas. We now have 250 years of karma that must be allowed to play out if the balance, the zero point, is going to come.
The three eclipses we are in the midst of moving through right now will go a long way to get the unraveling going. Fear is not acceptable any more. Whenever it rears its head, Love must be the next thought you have. SELF Love.. Be kind to you. Watch your inner talk.. Love Love Love Love Love.
Today the Black Moon manifests with the Karmic Earth star node and with Ixion. Despite what most astrologers will say at this time, it is this long term unyielding communion that is bringing on the karmic circumstances we are now seeing. The earth Star and Ixion are ‘stuck’ at 29 Sagittarius, which is the world axis, and is just a couple of degrees from the Galactic Center. Have no doubt that Source is at work, and that in the end, all is well.
Here inside this worm hole the sideways elevators are rampant. They can show up at any time without warning. Be ready to say ‘yes’ to whatever new options show up for you. They are the part of you that you didn’t know was available to take you to that place you’ve been wanting to get to. Remember it’s all you. There can be nothing separate from you. The more you Love your Self, the easier it gets. So fear requires Self Love. That’s it. That’s the whole formula.


“In truth, there is not ‘us’ and ‘them’.
Us is them. Them is us.
We are That.
All is That. That is all.”