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  • Waning Moon
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There’s the ongoing, long term Power intersection that has been producing so much new energy and bringing new chapters to our lives. It has been very active this week, courtesy of the stepping stones between Pluto and Arcturus and Jupiter and Haumea. Very shortly, in a matter of a few more days, Pluto will form a stepping stone with Eris and Eris will come into an exact Light Bridge with Arcturus. When the inner planets start moving into Cancer later this month, the Power Intersection will be in full expression. In short, what this all means is that the roads that are becoming possible for us to take are beginning to make themselves known.


Have you noticed all the new information coming from scientists, about the nature of our physical world. The Truth of it is expanding exponentially. The perspective and the vision is changing. Here’s one that totally points to what I mean, from Nassim Haramein: “A recent study has concluded that the lifespan span electron is at least 66,000 yottayears. That is five QUINTILLION times the current age of the universe.” 
And here’s another from Nassim Haramein: “If Planck length = size of a grain of salt, then Grain of Salt > size of the universe.” New terms, new perspectives, bringing it all into proper view. These new realizations, along with the very swift production of a vaccine for this virus, (though not yet fully functional), can all be attributed to Arcturian consciousness. When I say that, I don’t mean to imply that it is alien to us. It is a part of us. There is nothing in the entire universe that can ever be separate from us.
These stepping stones from Pluto and Jupiter (these are the second and retrogrades of the three that are manifesting this year), are delivering us to an entirely new world. I am focusing on the science, but everything that’s happening, from the viral pandemic to the way overdue realization that we are all one and nothing and no one is superior to another, comes as direct download from Arcturian consciousness. It isn’t the easiest reality, though from the highest perspective it is utterly fascinating, because of the nature of stepping stones.
When a situation is accepted and embraced, or allowed, or surrendered to, then instead of having to swim through the emotional reactions we are having to what’s happening, we are able to ‘walk on water’… to life our Selves up above the emotional drama and perceive the circumstances from a much loftier perspective. Loftier, but still touching the emotion…still feeling it.
Today’s Jupiter Haumea stepping stone promises an expanded capacity to create the world. Haumea is a mother creator archetype, and she represents childbirth in the highest sense of the word. Here superpower is her capacity to create new life out of any part of her being. If that isn’t Arcturian 5D, I don’t know what is. In short, whether we are aware of it or not, the world we live in is being redefined by the ones who have the capacity to tap into this otherworldly consciousness. Otherworldly may not be the right word… Let’s call it ‘off-worldly’. It isn’t helpful to consider this new information as separate from us in any way. With the help of Quaoar, who is also very active these days, we are learning to perceive with the universal Mind, instead of the lower, fear based one we’ve been working with for eons.
When we can perceive a new world, we manifest it.


“You are the universe looking back at itself and learning about itself” – Nassim Haramein