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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Moon enters Gemini: 5:00pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 8:02am – 5:00pm
  • MERCURY STATION: 12:58am
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate

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HERE’S MORE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS FROM  Shelly LealJan Finley, Christine ClemmerSonreyaand Vivian Small!

This is a majorly changing day, that’s for sure. Mercury turns retrograde and MakeMake turns direct. The Black Moon communes with Chiron for the 16th time. And we are just a couple of days out from the solar eclipse that defines the entire two month long worm hole we are moving through. I have already experienced the gear shift. Trust me, whatever you’ve been doing, whatever direction you’ve been headed in, the gears, and your direction, are about to change. Let the change come. Don’t fight it, don’t struggle. There are good, no EXCELLENT reasons for whatever happens now. If you refuse to let your feelings bog you down, you will see it all very clearly in no time.

First and foremost, Mercury is stationing in a conjunction with Sirius, the God star. This fixed star is actually a very familiar landmark in each and every consciousness. Everyone on the planet has Sirius right here at 14 Cancer, and so this Mercury station, though not ON the world axis, has thorough and total global influence.
Mercury has domain over the entire worm hole experience we’re having, and today’s conjunction with this majorly multidimensional consciousness takes place in an exact bridge to where the next lunar eclipse takes place (at 14 Capricorn on July 5). Mercury gives the Mind its disposition, and today there are downloads galore, coming directly from the universal mind. No need to reach for them. Just stay open and let them reveal themselves to you.
The Sirians, like the Arcturians and the Pleiadians, are a nearby star system that has been assisting the Earth in her ascension process for many millennia. Many of the ascended masters take etheric retreat on Sirius, and this fixed star is very easy to communicate with. That makes this day, when Mercury comes into alignment with the Sirius consciousness, a very significant one for all the Light that will be received.
Also today, MakeMake turns direct. This is a major event as well. MakeMake represents the most universal, higher laws that guide the universe, and this amazing planet is in a beautiful intersection, soon to be crossroad, with Quaoar, Salacia and the Black Moon, Vesta and very shortly the solar eclipse itself. It is difficult to put into words, but all this seems to point to the very very important turning point we are all praying is upon us. It is.
The thing is, Mercury goes retrograde today, and that means the events of the next 5 weeks or so will serve to tell the whole tale. Time goes a little wonky when Mercury turns around, and here in side the warp speed worm hole, it is going to be very easy to lose track of time and what it means. TRUST ME, that’s a good thing.
Finally today, the Black Moon comes together with Chiron for the 16th time, and these two will come together at least SEVEN more times before the end of October and election day. There is a major wholing taking place, little by little, step by step, as the Black Moon works to unveil the Truth that has been hidden in plain sight from the beginning. Just watch!
Here are Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for all of today’s events, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 10 : Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman.

(Black Moon/Chiron Communion #16)
               “I am bound by vows to take my stand here. My wandering days are over. For I am meant to bear witness, to balance the equation, to reveal what only shows itself to me when I stay within the focus of the Mysteries.
               Even as my outward movement ceases, my internal authority  intensifies. The less I go out and do, the more I can accomplish by being present to this extraordinary chance I am given, to be active on the inside and be free of the turbulent waters, released to be strictly myself.
               Much of my focus is to root myself within myself, to take my body and soul and empower them to drink of the cup of this world without ceasing. I learn to make no apology for my considerable obsession. I must make something new arise out of all the old stuff I bear and compost and liberate.
               This interior quiet is so fierce and demanding that I relinquish all claims upon reputation and currency and supplant these with putting all my life on the line for something that can grow through me. I have no proof, no certainty, no guarantees. But that fiery instinct is supported by so many earth forces, once I join up with them, going deep, staying put.
               Everything tells me to get to work on myself and to do everything I possibly can to eliminate the costly error of the feverish attempt we easily succumb to. We want to be approved. We need to be appreciated. So we sell out our souls routinely. That’s what I stand against.
               What can happen I become in the here and now, authentic to the one I’ve always been, and from there hearkening toward the one I am meant to become. What if I persist in the core practice of getting straight and getting clear and don’t sell this short for anything? What will come of this experiment?
               I do know where it goes. I do know what I’m doing. I’m tapping a wisdom which is older than the world. The only thing it tells me is ; take courage, walk courage, stay on with what is in you.”


Cancer 15 :   A boarded up doorway that leads to another realm.

(Mercury turns retrograde/ Mercury – Sirius conjunction)
               “A suspended path. Something promised, something hoped for, something held away. Time heals all the deep wounds. The traumas give way when nothing is demanded, all is let go.
               A cycle set aside for catching up with oneself by being ordinary. A constructive form upon this world of earth, met on its own strict terms. An immense capacity to enjoy and to make optimal use of the time to indulge, to be free, to be at ease and in flow in a very outward sense.
               Yet all the while, soul memory is hearkening backward. What is forgotten haunts. What is put out of mind makes the subconscious mind obsessed with the missing part. And this subterranean current is wild, is impetuous, always threatening to upset the basic life pattern and to bring on a reoccurrence of something best left in the past.
               An ambivalent, paradoxical, troubled, yet also sweetly fulfilling way to be. The wonder of it is that these shadows render each fragile detail of ordinary life precious and met with a spirit of gratitude and simple delight. The more the undercurrents are saturated with longings and repasts, the better the ordinary self becomes at turning it all into a basis for the celebration of existence in it’s momentary uprisings.
               A very peculiar edge. Bittersweet, poignant, evocative. Land on top of this is something innocuous, innocent, and exquisitely normal. What can be done in such a soul mood?
               Primarily one thing can come of it. We are granted the most special gift for an emotional intensity of participation within the sense-life in a fashion both traditional and touching. The rural world of good folk returns. The momentary pulse of solid gatherings of a natural kind comes alive. The lost beat of the pristine earth is restored for one time only.
               If we can unite ourselves with this opening, it heralds a great healing. We eventually can move on and feel restored to ourselves. And then we will know we were blessed by Divine Interaction.”


Libra 5:   A man raising a crop of marijuana.

(MakeMake turns direct)
               “The juice is all. The sap is what we need in order to convert for the far overbalance and tendency to be rational and controlling and on top of the world.  Here that sap and juice are full abundant resources, freely available, open and needing to be plumbed, so that we don’t go ever further into the battlefield of the old world and its perpetual polarization’s and disputes.
               We are seeking on the inside, peace, and a shared connection and current which can carry us forward in evolution and free us from what we had become accustomed to as the norm. The primary focus is outward toward the shared world. We want all of life to come alive, every part of self to be restored to its self-awareness, and freedom to ride the waves of this world homeward.
               There is an immensely exuberant releasing energy here. It is sensuous, wild, and carefree. And it is best tapped when there is some measure of discipline and restraint. Then it metamorphoses from addictive aspects to the real thing. When this is fully explored, it proves to be a vast and boundless realm.
               We surrender ourselves willingly to the experiment which is the shared evolutionary current of our times. We become at one with the far edges of what we all are exploring and needing to make our own. And we perhaps can mobilize and orchestrate the best of all this into a way of life which is pervasively ecstatic and free.
`              Love is the current. Light is its spirit power. When this love and light are held within a true dedication and commitment to what is coming through now in the open spaces of the world, they are as beautiful and moving as they are commonly imagined to be. The substance is far more powerful and innovative than all the images and semblance’s and styles can simulate.”


“Be nice to yourself.”
~Derek O’Neill