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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Gemini: All day
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Now that Mercury is retrograde, we will have something of a chance to go back over the completely uncharted territory that we covered during the first months of the year. Remember when we were without a retrograde planet? Those months took us further than we’ve ever been, into a place we’ve never known. Covid has delivered us to new ground and now, with Mercury traveling backward, we can hope to gather some sort of realization about what is going on here. And speaking of what’s going on here, please join me on Sunday for my annual Solstice Webinar, ALSO entitled, “What on Earth is Happening Here?” The link to register is above.


Now the next few weeks here on the planet are going to produce a gear shift unlike any other we’ve ever known. I know, I know. NONE of us knows that that means, exactly, It’s important to note that this is an amazing chance to get this sort of cliffhanger moment right, by not putting any sort of preconceived notion in front of the reality that has yet to happen. This is a moment for presence. Faith. Trust, and a willingness to let the Truth be known. Let it be shown to you. Don’t reach for it, that will never get you there.
We have this day, this one day, as Mercury begins to move retrograde very slowly, to observe and take note of whatever you can take in. by tomorrow we will be in the eclipse energy that marks the rest of the weekend. The solar eclipse on Sunday is not really a separate event from the Mercury station.. They go together, and in fact, they are all part and parcel of the Venus station that is also on tap. These three events taken together comprise the shift I am referring to.
The shift is a change in course that comes from a reboot of consciousness. That reboot is the result or in fact the essence of the solar eclipse, which occurs right smack on the world axis, at 0 Cancer, and therefore affects the whole globe. No one is left untouched. As I mentioned yesterday, Mercury’s station occurred in conjunction with Sirius, a fixed star, And although that star is not on the world axis, this conjunction is going to affect the entire world, because everyone has this amazing landmark occupying the same exact space in our consciousness.
And two weeks from now, while Mercury is still traveling back over the uncharted ground that needs our focus, the next lunar eclipse on July 5 will occur in an exact Light Bridge to the Mercury Sirius conjunction. That makes these next two weeks some of the most notable and game changing times we’ve seen in a while. (And you thought the game was changed already!) The Truth is, it hasn’t. It’s only just begin to undertake the much needed long prophecied shift that is so essential to humanity’s survival as a conscious race.
Just to add a major boost to our already lifted consciousness, the Sun forms Light Bridges to both Ixion and the Earth Star Chakra (node) this evening. This is ALSO a major part of the eclipse event. And speaking of eclipse events, today features a Venus occultation of the Moon. That means Venus gets in between the Moon and the Earth, and produces a Venusian eclipse of the Moon of sorts. It’s just another in a series of sideways elevators that keep on coming. LET THEM COME. And don’t hesitate to say yes when they do. They are here for you… to deliver you to the place you would not be able to get to any other way. You’ll arrive at a place that might otherwise have taken you lifetimes to get to. Aim high. Keep your thoughts lifted and watch what happens.


“Keep your thinking on a very high level, praise and blame, filth and sandal paste must become alike.
Nothing in the world should be repulsive to you.Look into your own heart and become repelled by the repulsion.
Divinity is complete, whole, nothing whatsoever can be excluded from it.
Thus, there are and must ever be new expressions according to the varying modes that are being manifested at different times and places.
Nothing without exception can be rejected or left out where.Truth is revealed in its purity.”
~Anandamayi Ma