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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Sagittarius/li>
  • Moon enters Capricorn: 12:48am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 12:48am
  • 4:4 Star Gate
 Independence Day…Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

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We are headed into the last of three eclipses that have marked this most recent worm hole we’ve been traveling through. These sideways elevators are far more intense and rampant than they typically are. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been moved by at least one in the last 4-6 weeks. I am writing this column at 10pm EDT,  because I encountered a couple of serious sideways elevators of my own today. I think many of you know that I have two children. My son is 26 and my daughter is 25. I adore my children. There is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for them, to insure their happiness and comfort. And they’re happy, and well adjusted and I am SO fortunate and grateful for that. But this morning my son came to me with a look on his face I’d never seen before. He told me that a close friend of his, a young woman he’d been hanging with for many years, committed suicide overnight.

There’s no point in going into the story. She was a Light, but recently she was troubled. The point of this is, there is nothing quite life the sudden and untimely loss of someone you have loved and cared for. I know that many of you have been through this experience, I do. I am just SO blown away at the way this event blasted a huge hole in our lives… ALL of our lives… because it’s such a hopeless thing. There’s nothing to be done.
Okay, I don’t want to dwell on this story, but as the day went on, I dealt with so many different emotional responses from those around me.. Not just my family, and not just about this situation. My clients today were deeply unhappy, and I found my Self looking for words of comfort when I really needed them my Self.. (Not that that was anyone else’s problem)..
I didn’t feel well when I woke up. I had a sore throat and a cough, which scared me, but it seems pretty low grade. I don’t know, just a totally off day. I waited a long time for this day to be able to see Hamilton for the first time, streaming on the Disney Channel. I turned it on the first chance I had, but there was something wrong with the sound, and it kept going out for long stretches at a time. I had to turn it off.
My partner and I spent a lot of the day processing our feelings, and I got just about nothing done. I turned on Hamilton again at about 8pm and this time it played perfectly. OMG. What a moving, stunning, often very sad piece of work. I LOVED it, but it really upset me in a bunch of ways. There is death and loss in the play that is heartbreaking, and it just became SO much. But it was riveting and I loved it. I’m sure many of you have seen it, and if you haven’t, it’s worth paying a few dollars for the Disney channel just to watch it.
Of course, the subject is uncannily relevant. It just seems to me that the Truth is coming out. It is being revealed. It’s pretty ugly, but it’s good to finally see it. We can’t take our eyes off it, or stuff our feelings. We need to allow our Selves the full experience of whatever’s coming up in our lives right now. This Capricorn eclipse is tied to Saturn who has just reentered his own sign for a few months, and he won’t be back here for another 30 years.
Saturn is retrograde but he wont get all the way back to Pluto, which is a blessing. Jupiter has the distinction of connection with the great rebirther all year, before Jupiter and Saturn move on into Aquarius at the winter solstice and we spend much of 2021 in Mars stepping stones to all those outer planets. And all this is simply precursor to the Pluto return of the United States in 2022.
I can’t help but realize that the very difficult day I had today was revealing the way it’s going to be here on the planet for a while. We know how to accept it and surrender to what is. Surrender is a Pluto word, and it’s the only way through.


“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges.”
~Bryant McGill