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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Moon enters Pisces: 2:12pm
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 2:12pm
               Sideways Elevators

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It’s an interesting day, when Mars, Mercury and Salacia dance together, to expand the Mind/Body connection in each of us. This is a major part of the gear shift we are undergoing. This entire worm hole has been just that… one gigantic shifting of the gears that takes the lower four body system to an entirely new matrix. It’s almost undeniable at this point, even though we’re still hard pressed to say exactly what’s happening. It doesn’t matter… Don’t  be too concerned about what it all means. Let the transformation and realignment happen, allow your Self the experience, and then you will know. You will know way beyond anything your lower mind can conjure at this moment.

Salacia, as I’ve said lately, is a very very playful archetype. She is THE feminine counterpart of the limitless realm that is the ocean. That’s a lot to preside over, and let me say you’re not working with Salacia if you aren’t having fun. She knows her way around the depths and the shadows, but she won’t reveal a thing if you’re not ready to let your joyful laughter ring. This can be quite a boon to a newly realigned Mind/Body connection.
Whatever’s been going on with you physically lately, (and everyone’s got something going on), this is the moment where it all starts to make sense and therefore can heal. When wholing begins, the old chapter ends. This is all new, and in just a few more days  Mars will move into his retrograde shadow and Mercury will go direct and enter his direct shadow. This playing in the shadows is where Salacia can be of infinite assistance.
In addition to this Mercury. Mars Salacia dance, the Black Moon forms a Light Bridge with Haumea today, providing a wondrous observer’s perch that can provide clarity as to how to create a new alignment with a higher perspective. Haumea can create anything out of any part of her being. When we begin to identify with this creative capacity, there is nothing we can’t be.
The planets continue to change direction, for many days to come. Let the gear shift continue uninterrupted by fear or trepidation. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mars Salacia new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.  We just saw this passage a couple of days ago, when Salacia went retrograde. It’s very significant that Mars comes to energize these words now.

Aries 7:  A double-headed eagle, the heads face in opposite directions.

               “Seeing something you can only view from two divergent vantage points. Keeping in your sights a polarity which can become either tremendously complicated or paradoxically and infinitely  resolvable into a whole different unity. But compelled to see and know and witness what never can be reduced to any given perspective or facet whatsoever.
               Being made to open vulnerably to the outside and the inside pulling us apart. Needing to be exposed at this level of intensity. For we must recognize the emergent facet which only comes when we have exhausted the usual round of explanations, interpretations, evaluations, and we must again meet directly just what is there.
               The trauma, the wounding, the violation. The healing, the wholeness, the reconciliation. The issues and the ropes, the beliefs and the projections. The discovery of how to find everything within us and all of it useful, necessary, and just what evolution needed us to be part of and awaking within.
               The endless pros and cons which are so persuasive, yet not at all. For we sense with rare acuity that the land of “both and” is claiming our allegiance and demanding that we burst open any and all remaining praise and blame, right and wrong, should have and shouldn’t have. It’s all in a day’s planetary awaking across the full spectrum of manifest phenomena.
               We have a potential here for something far more. We are knocking at the door of a future worth living in.  The only thing needed to enter and become conversant with open-ended mysteries is the slaying of the dead mind. A small thing to ask for such a great reward.
               We are granted a form of seeing which begins where others leave off. We become so in tune with what comes through all factions converging that we lose that hard ancient edge.”


“I cultivate my garden, and my garden cultivates me.”
~Robert Breault