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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Cancer: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • NEW MOON (Sun/Moon New Cycle): 1:33pm
  • 28 Cancer 27
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate
 Sun/ Jupiter, Pluto , Chariklo, Saturn Light Bridge

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The Light Bridge that the Sun has been manifesting all week is nearly completed, just one more bridge to go, to Saturn, and that will occur tomorrow as the worm hole deactivates and we are delivered fully to a new presence. I want to call it a new world, and it is, but we may not be able to discern it as such right away. After all Mercury and Venus are still recovering their shadows, and we are headed into Mars’ retrograde shadow in just a couple of days. Today the Sun forms a Light Bridge with Chariklo, Chiron’s female counterpart, who has been holding the space of steadiness and strength in the midst of all the wild and crazy gear shifting that’s taken place during the past couple of weeks.

Chariklo is fascinating. Her orbit can be found in the middle of our solar system, much like her counterpart Chiron, in between Saturn and Uranus. But unlike Chiron, whose orbit is eccentric and oval, Chariklo’s orbit is almost perfectly circular and even. She is the steadiness that Chiron the Master Healer requires, and she is always nearby, at least by proximity of orbit. Right now they are not exactly near each other, though each is playing a major role in the process of transformation that is well underway on the planet.
Chiron is in Aries, working, as we know with Salacia, the Black Moon and Mars to bring about a new personal sense of Self Realization. Chariklo, on the other hand, is traveling with Jupiter Saturn and Pluto, and has been all year, providing the kind of steadiness that is so essential when dealing with energies as vast as those of these three. They are all bringing about the new social consciousness.
The Black Moon makes one more aspect today, a stepping stone with Quaoar, before she takes a very important day off tomorrow. she’s had an interesting pattern since the beginning of this month. She was dancing wildly on a daily basis between July 1 and July 11th, with the exception of July 4. this past week or so. That’s a lot of Black Moon action.
Then she went quiet for for four days while Mercury went direct, ((7/12 – 7/15). She was very active for the four days that have delivered us here, And now she will be quiet for two days until she hits the world axis at 0 Aries and turns direct on July 22. It’s almost as if she has a pattern… a deliberate dance… that is designed to unveil the Mother of all Truths.
Put all this together with the appearance of the very rare comet NEOWISE, visible in the Northeastern heavens just after sunset right now, just underneath the Big Dipper. It’s worth it to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon, as it will disappear soon, and won’t be back for nearly 7,000 years. Comets have a way of bringing major sudden change, sometimes through the death of a world leader, but far be it from me to pretend I know what this amazing visitor has come to deliver.
Tomorrow is the big day.. The Cancer New Moon at 29 Cancer, (which by the way is exactly where NEOWISE is tonight).. Can’t make it up. Once this worm hole closes we will be able to feel our feet on the ground once again, for the first time in months..
“Remember to invite stillness into your life.”
~Eckhart Tolle