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     Black Moon Mars Communion #2

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Mercury, Venus and Mars are all still at it, busily making their ways into their brand new cycles. today Mercury connects with Jupiter and Neptune, expanding our vision and our capacity to share what we perceive. Venus forms a Great Eliminator with Pluto, freshly into her new chapter, facing some of those older demons and making fast work of them. While the Mind and the Heart work their newest magic, the Black Moon comes together with Mars for the second time, (there’s plenty more of this to come), and this communion promises to unveil  some of the most important Mars-related consciousness yet.

What is Mars related consciousness? Well it’s all about our physical world. It will be somewhat different for each of us, of course, but the world we live in, whether perceived as our body, our home or our planet, or even our galaxy, is being revealed for what it truly is. To this end, I would like to draw your attention to a brand new article on Ophiuchus, in the Cosmic Consciousness Corner, that describes the way our own zodiac has been transformed by the presence of this 13th sign, which has been there all along, but is finally being recognized for what it is.
It changes everything… bringing Cosmic Consciousness fully into the 5D realm. I am about to offer a special webinar on Ophiuchus, designed to move us en masse into the new consciousness it offers. Please stay tuned for that announce.
In the meantime, pay attention to any themes that are emerging in your life that have to do with your physicality and the way you experience it. This is very important. This Mars retrograde cycle coming up has great dignity.. that is, it takes place in Mars’ own home sign, delivering us to the Truth of Self-Realization, which is everything that Aries is in the new consciousness.
Mars is only a couple of degrees into his retrograde shadow, and he won’t begin his backwards journey for another 5 weeks or so. we have a way to go to get acquainted with the makings of this new world we are creating as we go. If we’re willing, it should take plenty of focus and discipline to stay with this unfolding process. Don’t take your eyes off you.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Black Moon Mars communion, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. This is a brand new one….

Aries 18:  A jellyfish.

               “Sensing through every pore something coming through which is spine-tingling, is way out there, is wild and huge and not to be contained within the pattern and the means of ordinary human life. Being alive to what wants to and needs to stream through us and reveal into us the mysteries of life.
               Having this uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time to take through the self vital forces, subtle messages, pivotal dynamics. And just hanging in the breeze with all those intimations and gleanings. What are they for? What is this really about?
               Remaining suspended inside of everything, without preferences or clear direction. Not being drawn to harness the power, to capitalize on this position. Instead feeling almost obligated to stay with it purely, and keep on tuning in and letting existence play through as it will, as it must.
               An extraordinary vantage point. Awareness that is cellular, body-alive, sparkling with vibrancy and pulsation’s. A level of mind warp. Nothing fits the usual pictures. All of it is happening right here now, carving out a space for the unknown, turning us into vessels for something unborn, out of the way, fascinating and compelling.
               Definitely an over-the-edge sensation, bordering on out-of-control, or shall we say, more than we can handle. Stretching the fiber of the separative self to the limit. Blown open to something by destiny which cannot be explained, justified, proved, cannot be ignored or pushed away.
               The exquisite experience, when we are ready for it, of being free of any containing frameworks, all sundry visions. Being cast loose to pick up on the whole story, just as it is. Running out of hiding places and excuses.
               Walking a razor’s edge between and among worlds. Threshold sensibility. Up for grabs, yet irrepressibly free.”
“This moment humanity is going through can now be seen as a portal and as a hole. The decision to fall into the hole or go through the portal is up to you.
If you repent of the problem and consume the news 24 hours a day, with little energy, nervous all the time, with pessimism, you will fall into the hole. But if you take this opportunity to look at yourself, rethink life and death, take care of yourself and others, you will cross the portal. Take care of your homes, take care of your body. Connect with your spiritual House.
When you are taking care of yourselves, you are taking care of everything else. Do not lose the spiritual dimension of this crisis; have the eagle aspect from above and see the whole; see more broadly.”
~White Eagle, Hopi Indigenous