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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Cancer
  • Moon enters Leo: 1:39am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 1:39am
  • 8:8 Star Gate

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Today and tomorrow might be the two most intense days we’ve seen in a while. There are a total of NINETEEN aspects, including tomorrow’s New Moon in Leo. There’s so much going on, and a lot of it is just crazy, but it’s important to note that what seems too crazy to be true probably is. I had a long conversation with Christine Clemmer yesterday, and it brought up so much food for thought. Between the Uranus Albion station that promises to bring great change of the multidimensional kind, the Mars Eris communion today, the first of three to come in the months ahead, the Sun Mercury Superior conjunction today, marking the midpoint of Mercury’s direct passage, the Black Moon coming together with Chiron today for the 20th time, and the Black Moon retrograding rapidly back to the world axis, which it will reach on Friday, we can expect a week of unprecedented disruption and change. Hopefully it will serve to wake us up.

I have to credit Christine, who said “it’s like we’re looking at a massive cloud, and not seeing what is directly behind it”… But we will.. It is about to be revealed.” The Black Moon making her way one more time to the world axis this week, after retrograding at the point of Mars’ upcoming retrograde station, promises a revelation of the most unusual kind. This makes me think about what is going on with the Post Office, which seems just a little too outrageous to be right. Perhaps it is a smokescreen.. We need to be ready for it. How? Open hearts, inner peace and Love.
This might be the most important week we’ve moved through in a very very  long time, and if it is, it is also just the beginning of a major passage that could last a while. We already know there will be no President elected on November 3, we will have to wait. That’s not the issue, I don’t think.. It’s more about what might happen while we’re waiting.
The New Moon on Tuesday forms an energetic Finger of God with Saturn and the Black Moon at the end of the week. That Leo New Moon falls on the President’s ascendant. I can’t even speculate.
Instead, let’s look at the degrees of today’s most important conjunctions and communions, as they will certainly tell the tale better than anything else. These are all reprinted with Ellias Lonsdale’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 9:  A fat man in a state of reverie smoking a hookah.

(Black Moon Chiron Communion #20)
              “I live in another world. I have a task to perform. I am called upon to disperse old thought forms and to precipitate a condition of disorientation and reorientation. I always skate dangerously close to violating every boundary, doing far too much in every direction. But I am directed from within to make it impossible for anybody to continue as they were before.
               I trouble the waters. I stir up mischief. There is intricate method to the madness. I am so steadily in command of my powers. And I know when and where to push through. Yet I must act like I am deranged, I am out of my right mind. For I’ve gotta get inside fast and turn the dials and get out. I’m about big changes and they’re not allowed.
               What I delight in the most is getting away with what nobody else could, namely respecting no borders, not even acknowledging persons, and going against authority rather than obeying it. I can do all this because I am sneaky, fast, and I don’t look like I’m doing much of anything. For I’ve learned to put on the style of somebody who knows what they’re doing and belongs where they are as a matter of course.
               It seems like there are few who challenge that kind of nerve. It’s just too unlikely. How could anybody be the way I am?
               Well, I work for the inner worlds. And we are busy busting up what used to be the way of things in surface humanity. We’ve gotta get away with it because this is revolution. We are part of a big change. We are on the wave of evolution. And what we gotta do is insinuate that there’s a lot more where that came from, buddy!”

Aries 26:  The man in the moon smiling.

(Mars Eris Communion #1)
               “I see everything stretched around me in all directions, to the furthest horizon and beyond. I come from everywhere. I feel part of just about everything I meet. It’s a state I can never describe. How could I invoke the power of being at one with myself and at one with all the world, where both are the same; I and the world.
               What I enjoy most about my dazzling vista is that I can see everything in it’s true perspective. I am given to  sense that which is real, and to be able to hone in on it anywhere. And I know what is trying to impress me and isn’t really there.
               This is what I live for. I need to be directly on the beam with what is happening, what it means, where it is going. Only this can give me the true coordinates. Once I have these, I can do anything that spirit intends.
               It is vital that I spread an energy and awareness wherever I go. I am saying to us all that we can, that the doors are open, that anything is possible, if you really intend it with your whole being. I am that message and it’s ripples.
               Because I am always expanding, never the same twice, I can turn my outward presence into just one big forwarding style, easy to be with, and still retain a ton of freedom on the inside. Nothing catches me for long. My being knows only leaps and bounds.
               The very best thing about me is that I can let the love and the light stream through me effortlessly. I am such a good vehicle for greater purposes. And my outward demeanor always remains energetically just that smile, that look, that suggestive edge.
               Join me in my expanding universe. Be a part of the mystery and the magic. And if you wish to play and love and live in that future fertile frequency, I’m completely with you.”

Leo 26:   A fire burns at the bottom of an old well.

(Sun Mercury Superior Conjunction)
               “Keeping the interior flame solidly in the inside and making the external situation the point of focus for all practical affairs. From a very long time ago, being committed to the path of the split life. The inner feeds the inner. The outer demands to be met on its own terms complete.
               A painful and a hard way to operate. It seems as though there is no choice. The fate of hiding the spirit flame for later, for other worlds, for special occasions, is suffered with a strict sense of inevitability and of having created all this for a reason.
               The truth is that this set up is highly purposive and effective. It allows for a rampart growth of the inner being, a refined evolution of core essence, without alarming one’s own ego-mind or anybody else’s. We have agreed to foster the inner flame on it’s own ultimate track until it is so coherent and clear that it can pass through the fires of the external confusion and retain it’s fiber throughout.
               When this is not yet happening, the secretive style, the bland exterior are badly needed. This is a fostering of a soul depth which needs so very starkly to be uncompromising and pure. It does so by staying on the inner, out of harm’s way.
               Yet that unappeasable longing to merge worlds and be done with this seclusion of long standing must win out in the end. The situation has become obvious. The pain of it just cannot be perpetuated much longer.
               We have been in exile and in recovery and we have paid the price. Now it is time to finish the job and open the space once again. Yet this can never be casual or convenient. The dismantling of the barrier is a massive undertaking.”


“Evoking the presence of love, let us fill our hearts with our own compassion – towards ourselves and towards all living beings. May all realize that we are of one family, all brothers and sisters, all nourished from the same source of life. May the wisdom of compassion guide us forward, leading all living beings to deeper peace.”
~Buddhist Prayer