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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Pisces
  • Moon enters Aries: 4:22pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 10:34am – 4:22pm
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate
  • Hidden 3:3 Star Gate
Sun Orcus New Cycle: The Immortal Self

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Yesterday’s Full Moon was a bit disconcerting, wasn’t it? Like a shake up from another realm… Life seemed somewhat interrupted all day, as if another version of our reality had intruded itself onto our day to day existence. I think it’s important to note that certain events are taking place (planet wise) that ARE reflecting the total change that has taken place. We aren’t all the way through it, but it is beginning to make itself known. All we really have to do from here is accept what we are seeing, instead of our age old habit of denying the Truth that is so obvious it’s laughable. Everything is changed. See if you can’t make note of at least a few things that are no longer what they once were, and embrace the new reality fully enough to be delivered to it.

All the Light Bridges and stepping stones are very helpful. As long as we don’t resist the polarity, we can experience the purpose of it all, and it begins to make more and more sense.There are four aspects today, about a quarter of the number we experienced yesterday. That means today should quiet down a bit, and it will certainly feel much more manageable.
But today features two Mercury aspects and then a Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge and the Sun Orcus New cycle. The first two events bring awareness and information, with the help of Saturn and the Galactic Center… that is the inner guru and Source. That’s a lot of download. Just do your best to remain open to it. Whatever you need will be made clear to you on an as needed basis.
Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge produces a platform for new realizations about how to manifest what is True in the world. It’s been so difficult figuring out what is real and what isn’t. Of course the answer is all of it is unreal and all of it is real. The Truth lies within your own consciousness and it can never be determined by an outside force. What is outside of you is your own projection, and if it confuses you, it is the reflection of the state you’re in.
The Sun Orcus new cycle is perhaps the most important aspect today. I would like to say a word about Chadwick Boseman, who was born right in the portal of Ophiuchus. The way he lived his life and delivered such iconic life altering performances and kept his illness and suffering to himself strikes me as the most graceful, most evolved example of a soul moving through life on Earth as we’ve seen in a long while. The way he transitioned is how we are all meant to leave this world. Im’ not sure if that makes total sense right now, but I promise you it will.
This man is a citizen of the new world and he has shown us all how to be here and how to leave. It’s a full expression of Sun Orcus. And here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for this new cycle today, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

  Virgo 12 : A dog sniffing a dead animal.

               “Being hyper-aware of whatever component or element is lurking, is lingering, is waiting it’s chance to pounce, in order to ruin everything. Being given over to the soul mood of extra-careful preparation and plans, in attempting to get around the messy, smelly, entangling, and engulfing parts of life.
               Trying extra hard to be good, to be on top of things. Identifying with sober responsible roles and cycles. Extroverting into a mind set of doing whatever it takes to neutralize the negative, and optimize the positive. The dual mind generating what it fears and trying to outwit itself.
               When we do prepare and take extra care and make sure, we function with less wobble and more precision. Yet we also subtly undermine everything we’re trying to do. The subconscious mind is working overtime here to constellate shadow, to bring up the very things the conscious mind wants out of the way.
               In essence, we circulate at too shallow a level. We end up going against the depths and working for surfaces. All because we allowed ourselves in the first place to believe the petty notion that our life should work and that our primary concern should be to make sure that it works. Such an innocuous idea casting such a great shadow.
               We learn eventually that holding anything in our mind as a model of perfection, an ideal of how it all should look is the great mistake. It brings on all the compulsive behaviors. We get distracted into tying so hard to watch the picture.
               Once we recognize that we are up against ourselves and our own mental projections, we can perhaps break through to the place of admitting that one side of mind is crazily doubtful and fear-struck and the other side is captured by the need to take care of and reassure that terribly traumatized side of us. We can cultivate a third aspect. This one appreciates the sensation, and the efforts to keep life dancing to a fine time. But the third voice is spacious and open and serene and no longer pushing it.”
“Move through it with gratitude and it will clear much faster.”
~Brook Still