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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Capricorn: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 10:54am - Midnight
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate
  • Hidden 2:2 Star Gate

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This promises to be a huge day, filled with an unusual amount of planetary energy, and all of it very dynamic. If you get through this day without experiencing at least one important encounter or revelation, it will be a miracle. There are thirteen planetary connections today, and twelve of those are major. It simply isn’t possible to have a day like this without plenty of important activity.

2 6 16 Venus Uranus Stepping Stone

2 6 16 Mercury Jupiter Manifestation

2 6 16 Sun Uranus Resource

The Capricorn Moon makes seven of his eight aspects today before 10:54am EST, when she manifests some very positive energy with Jupiter and goes void for the rest of the day.  Inside that void there are a bunch of important planetary connections. All of this makes for a very active day that is a continuation of yesterday’s energies.


We awoke in the northeastern US to a surprise snow storm, which disappeared as swiftly as it came. A humongous crane in the lower part of Manhattan fell over at 8:30am EST, in the middle of the rush hour, crushing many cars and killing (very fortunately) only one person. There was a 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan, and there have been quite a few of those all over the world in the past week. (And fortunately once again, most of them much smaller). Those earth changes reflect whats going on inside each and every one of us, and what is going on inside each of us is being reflected by all this activity in the cosmos.


Mercury and Venus are currently traveling together, bringing a new kind of balance to the mind/heart connection, which is what produces ascension. Both of these lower body rulers are currently interacting with Uranus and Pluto, and the Moon comes together with Pluto, Venus and Mercury today, all in Capricorn before going void. These Capricorn conjunctions are so important because Saturn, providing the disposition to each and every one of these planets right now, is crossing the Great Attractor degree. That promises over the top energy, on every level, in every dimension.


Inside the void Moon three major planetary connections occur. Those important dynamic energies taking place inside a void Moon always produce a very significant set of experiences for us. A sun Uranus resource (sextile) at 11:39am EST brings more sudden change at the earth level, revelation at the heart level and all things unprecedented at the mental and spiritual levels.


This important energy is followed a couple of hours later by a Mercury Jupiter manifestation (trine), which promises to take us to a whole new consciousness around whatever takes place today. Mercury is still recovering his shadow, and he is still in a storm period until the 8th, which coincides with the new Moon in Aquarius. Watch for those mental storms, which could appear as wind and disruptive weather. This void delivers us to the dark of the Moon in the morning which is arguably the quietest moment of any month.


I don’t know what it conjures for you, but the idea of huge over the top energy that is dynamic and undeniable being followed by a hush that covers the world is intriguing to say the least. Last but not least Venus forms a stepping stone (square) with Uranus at around 5pm EST, and this is the last planetary connection for the rest of the day, providing yet another potentially unsettling energetic.


As always, it is best to consciously remain centered and still while the world’s upheavals rage all around us. We can watch the movie, but it’s best not to participate in it, unless it is to pour Light and Love into any person place or thing that would benefit from it.


“You are not separate from your Hopes and Dreams, you are only separate from knowing that they are Real and the only Truth your Soul knows. You can’t buy into fear and fully realize your Highest Potential; it only comes from Love and Service.” 
– Jackson Kiddard