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Mercury has interacted with both Jupiter and Saturn, the two archetypes of social identity, and these two giants are preparing to form their second of three stepping stones (next week). Yesterday Mercury ALSO interacted with Pluto and Jupiter two archetypes which taken together represent major transformation at the levels of consciousness, abundance and social awareness. These two major planets form an all important manifestation at around 4pm EDT today. This trine marks a major turning point that each and every one of us can feel, bot individually and collectively.


MAR 16 2016 Jupiter Pluto Manifestation


Today’s manifestation (trine) has its roots in the Jupiter Pluto new cycle (conjunction) that occurred in December 2007 and into the Spring of 2008. If that time period doesn’t mean anything to you right off the bat please, take a much closer look. It was a major launching point for everyone, though it may have seemed like a colossal low point. It was certainly significant for each of us. I remember saying at the time, and I have said it many times since, that Jupiter Pluto combinations produce some of the biggest energies we can possibly experience.


Of course 2008 was a launching point for Pluto all on his own. That was the year Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status. In fact, this is a perfect example of what I referring to. It seemed like a disaster for Pluto, in a sense, that he lost his status as a full fledged part of our soular system. But he turned out to be the first of many VERY significant new archetypes (planets) that exist in the Kuiper Belt, (which by the way was ALSO given its name in 2008).


The Kuiper Belt expanded our Soular system to three times its originally perceived size, and added many MANY archetypes that slowly but surely are being realized as the reflection of our higher Selves. The 5D Self is being revealed as we begin to recognize these new planets and their essences in the mirror of the cosmos.


Pluto may be a dwarf planet now… that is, his socially identifiable status has changed, but what looked like a “demotion” turned out to be the opening of our consciousness to a much vaster part of our Selves. This is Jupiter Pluto, and the same exact expansion has occurred within each and every one of us. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.


Today’s Jupiter Pluto trine produces the ultimate manifestation of this current Jupiter Pluto cycle. A few weeks ago scientists announced the existence of the NEW 9th planet, DARK NINE, despite the fact that they can not and have never actually seen it. This too is the result of the Jupiter Pluto shift in consciousness, and it points to the overall transformation of the world as we know it. Scientists announcing on the 6 o’clock news that an unseen planet the size of Neptune exists even though it remains unseen is about as new a belief system as I have ever seen in my nearly 65 years on the planet.


Physics has changed, reflecting the physical changes that will become fully realized as Mars retrogrades between Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius) and Pluto’s sign (Scorpio) in the months ahead. The world will change completely, as will we, before the end of the summer. And when Jupiter and Pluto come together next time, in exactly four years from now, it will be with Saturn as the next Jupiter Saturn, Jupiter Pluto AND Saturn Pluto cycles begin simultaneously. Those conjunctions will occur at the end of Capricorn and the beginning of Aquarius. This current Jupiter Pluto conjunction occurred right smack on the Galactic Center, at the end of Sagittarius.


It was obvious then that this would be a very transformative 13 years. (Yes, Jupiter/Pluto is a thirteen year cycle). And this cycle is about to deliver us to the new world… for good.


So consider what you were going through in 2007/2008, because the events taking place in your life right now are the manifestation of that launching point, and they will deliver you to the next conjunction in 2020. It truly doesn’t get much bigger than this, and it isn’t lost on us that this manifestation is taking place inside a Neptunian worm hole.


You’ve heard the saying ‘The sky’s the limit”? It seems that it’s the entire cosmos that just BEGINS to reveal what is possible, and there is no limit whatsoever. There never was.


“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”
– Theodore Roosevelt