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There is so much going on as we head into the Full Moon on Wednesday morning. The energy is so ramped up it’s hard to process much of the time. The best remedy remains going in and getting still, without trying at all to understand what is happening. We are headed for a Libran lunar eclipse that is conjunct MakeMake and the Super Galactic Center. These are some huge energies that will likely bring unprecedented downloads, and these blasts of consciousness will produce the sideways elevators that require heart centered response and NOT fear based reaction.


MAR 22 2016


This is a quiet day compared to the rest of the week, if you can consider this quiet. Tune into your heart center and get comfortable there. It’s the best place to be for the next few days. The Sun and Mercury are moving through Aries, filling us with the divine spark of creative beginnings, while there are still many planets in Pisces, all of them dancing and bubbling together in the limitless realm like a never before known cosmic brew of a potential reality we’ve never known before.


Those Piscean planets will be coming together all week, particularly Ceres, Chiron and the Earth Star Chakra, the Moon’s South Node. This is quite a fantastic concoction, promising to deliver us to wholeness, when all is said and done. And it doesn’t hurt at all to have a Jupiter Soul Star (North Node) bridge standing wide open and delivering us to a new consciousness.


Jupiter is also coming to his second of three stepping stones (squares) with Saturn, who is stationing to go retrograde on Friday. This is one powerful opportunity to walk on water, to rise above emotion, and to lift our conscious awareness toward enlightenment. That all this is taking place inside a lunar eclipse takes our experience to a level we’ve never known before.


This Jupiter Saturn event is resonating everywhere on the planet. It is the old consciousness butting heads with the new, the destabilization of polarity so that a unified world can emerge. Social consciousness, the essence and result of duality… the me and you of it all, is polarizing so profoundly it threatens to blow apart. And explode it will. But fear is not an appropriate response to that. FAITH is better, much better.


Nothing can change is we don’t allow for change. When we decide to allow it, then we begin to get our energy behind it. What we are seeing in the political arena here in America is this polarization process in all its glory. We can see that the majority of people are anti-establishment at this point, because no one is happy with the condition of the world. We perceive the establishment to be the cause, and so we will rally to get behind a force that can be different than what has been.


We have the two extremes, what we might call a “fascist” like potential leader, and what we might call a “socialist” like leader, and at the moment the demagogue force seems to be running the show. It’s important, but it can be terrifying as well. All the energies have to get stirred and start pouring over the top for the new world to be born.


As one potential leader says, it has to be a revolution. As a child of the 60’s I relate. We were always looking for the revolution. It is here, but at this moment there is not enough energy behind it. We want change, but we are also terrified of it, and that terror is producing an open corridor for a demagogue.


One thing is for sure. In the next two weeks everything can change. The Chiron/Ceres bridge with Jupiter can take this whole thing down a much healthier path. But it can’t happen if our hearts, our Love filled, still, conscious hearts aren’t in it. It’s a circus right now, but it can be a game changing reality if we find the courage in our hearts to BE the change we are yearning for.


The possibility of a leader who is not quite right for the job is a very real possibility. It will happen if we don’t wake up in this 11th hour and set things right. Please, meditate on this today, and do your part. As Light bringers on the planet, there is at this moment a fine line between watching from the observer’s perch and taking the action that our hearts command.


Nothing can change if we don’t. What we see in the world is what is going on within us. We must take response ability for this circus that seems practically unstoppable now, by stopping the circus within. The only one you are response able to is your Self. The rest is smoke and mirrors.


“Please don’t worry. I’ve got you.”

The Universe  (Mike Dooley)