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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aries: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • Hidden 1:1 Star Gate
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There are no major planetary connections at all today, which is quite a switch from our more typical fare lately. Yet it is sure to be anything but quiet, with Mercury hitting the master degree (29) of his home sign, and crossing the world axis as he does. Mercury, ruler of all communications and connections, the Great Messenger who delivers all the news, is ALSO out of bounds, and so he will certainly have a great deal of information to release today. 29 Gemini is arguably one of the most ACTIVE degrees of the zodiac, stimulating the mind to get us up and out and about. Take care not to be completely mindless today. Be sure to connect with your heart before you do anything you feel prompted to do. Remember that Mercury has undertaken a new archetypal meaning, and is much more aligned with the higher Christed Mind than with the lower, more fear based mind that used to be his stomping grounds.

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Mercury used to work with the misguided Mars energies, when he danced in the fear based mind. But now he is so much more suitably aligned with Venus, and the heart can prompt our behaviors as we learn to Love with the Mind so much more fully than ever before. So listen for important news about the state of the world today and tomorrow. It’s likely to be ‘out there’, courtesy of Mercury’s out of bounds status. Venus returns to the ecliptic today as Mercury leaves it. No doubt the mind and the heart have plenty of wisdom to exchange with each other.

Mars, meanwhile, has just spent about 70 days in retrograde motion, and another 3 weeks or so activating his retrograde shadow. Now he has completely pulled into his station, i.e., STOPPED, and he will officially go direct tomorrow. He will be recovering his direct shadow until August 22, and that is the same day he comes together with Saturn, who will have just stationed direct at 9 Sagittarius.

Mercury’s recent retrograde, you may recall, had everything to do with a new cycle with Sedna, and Mars’ retrograde is all about his new cycle with Saturn. Jupiter and Neptune (and the Moon’s Nodes) can not be left out of this picture. There is a major 9 degree Wisdom crossroad activated this year, and its magical transformations are not yet completed. It’s actually going to take just about the rest of the year for the wisdom consciousness to permeate our new world and make all things possible, as they are meant to be.

There’s not much more to say about that, because it is new, and it hasn’t fully manifested yet. It is our mission to stay centered in the heart, open, and without preconception or reactive judgment, so that we can absolutely experience as much of what is manifesting as is possible for each of us.

Meanwhile Mars, now stationing, has effectively transmuted our physical experience, and though we don’t know it yet, much for the same reasons just mentioned, we can feel it, we know it has transpired, and we are hopefully ready and able to step up and into our new physical world as it presents itself to us.

Remember we are in this together. It is a group consciousness and it can’t be done … it can’t even be understood … alone.

Still, the most vital thing you can do is to STAY TUNED TO YOU.

“You can always ask yourself what the “wisest you” would do.

And prepare to be astounded.” 

The Universe   (Mike Dooley)