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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Virgo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 3:3 Star Gate


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I mentioned a few times this week that Sunday’s full Moon marks the end of the wormhole we’ve been in since the Aquarius New Moon on January 27th. It seems there is some confusion over this, and I will take this opportunity to explain it fully. A worm hole is associated with eclipses, but eclipses almost always come in pairs, one soular or lunar eclipse followed by a lunar or soular eclipse two weeks later. While it is sometimes possible to experience a third eclipse, it is uncommon, and in the case of this current worm hole, the two eclipses that did take place occurred during the two weeks between February 10 and February 26th. But a worm hole must begin with a New Moon (a new cycle) and end with a Full Moon (completion). In this case, the new Moon associated with this worm hole occurred at the Aquarius New Moon on January 27th, and ends with the Virgo Full Moon this Sunday.










That means this has been a 6 week long worm hole. It began with a Uranian influence, (Uranus disposes Aquarius). The planet that presides over the launching new Moon gives the entire worm hole journey its disposition. I am certain not one of us would deny the unpredictable nature of these last six weeks. It has been unsettling and somewhat disruptive, because these days we don’t get Uranus’ influence without Eris’ presence too.


With Uranus Eris disposing the Worm Hole, we will soon realize (if we haven’t already) that there has been a great deal of awakening during this time. All that upset and disruption is designed to wake us up, whether we want to or not. It’s something like a pesky alarm clock with a snooze that gets louder and louder. It’s impossible to ignore it, no matter how much we want to. Eventually we must wake up.


The lunar eclipse that occurred on February 10th was a Leo full Moon. The Sun disposed the Full Leo Moon that reflected the Uranian Aquarius Sun. More Uranian energy… The New Moon on February 26th was in Pisces, giving Neptune the floor, flavoring this major awakening this worm hole has provided with many an unveiling and some serious enlightenment as well…


Uranus and Eris are not acting alone either. They are half of the major Light Bridge that is currently serving as out main High Way, delivering us to the new world. Jupiter and Haumea can not be left out of this equation, because they are holding up the other end of the great expanse that is the transcended polarity we are walking on. This Light Bridge remains open for traffic through to October, and marks one great landmark of the coming Spring (and Summer) seasons.


And this Virgo Full Moon on Sunday is disposed by Chiron, the Master healer, who provides the other bracket for this worm hole. The Light Bridge and Chiron serving the masses with their superconscious, super wholing energies. Chiron is a big player in the current Venus retrograde cycle as well… There will be much more on this topic in the weeks to come.


Stay tuned to you…


“We are being drawn back (forward?!) into the realm of the Divine Feminine, the Triple Goddess, who governs all of life and watches over our journey through this earthly existence from birth to death. The mother who makes difficult discussions for her children. The mother who nurtures and guides us. I hear her voice, listen to me . Pay attention. The time is now. Come together. Observe and nurture your connections. It is a time for roots to grow from your heart, while your hands are open and freeing. This is not holding on, unwilling to let go.  This is a knowing, an acknowledgment, a welcoming of the divine connection that unites all of life on this earthly plane. Allow this connection to deepen and listen to what it shares with you. But know this, the triple goddess has no fear of cleaning house.”

Another Channel from Jan Finley (who is a Virgo)