Daily Weather for December 4, 2022

Shelly Leal Cosmic Consciousness Daily


    Hi, Shelly Leal here. As the year winds down we are all preparing in our own ways to greet the new energies pouring into the planet, with new opportunities,  challenges, and adventures. Each new doorway presents experiences we have never had before, and to best use them we must bravely go forth with open hearts and open minds. Please join me in sending love, strength and healing to Stephanie Azaria, as she prepares for her own journey with her life altering kidney transplant this month. When she is ready and able she will reach out to all of us with new insights and realizations.

    In the meantime, the monthly aspects report is available for your use. Enjoy!

    I know Stephanie would want to wish you all a blessed holiday filled with love, peace, and joy.