September 4, 2023

Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

    by Stephanie Azaria

    There is so much going on, I know. I have been working to get the website and my social media on track, and to be Truthful, this daily blog is producing some kind of inner turmoil for me. I want to talk about where I’ve been and what my journey has been like. What better moment to do this than during the afterglow of a full super Blue Moon in Pisces that is delivering us all to a majorly wholing Virgo wormhole (eclipse passage)? Whatever goes on in these next two weeks, with Venus and Jupiter changing directions, while maintaining that seven retrograde planet reality, should be more than enough to deliver us to that eclipse passage and bring about the greatest possibility for inner alignment and wholing in a very long time.

    Before I offer up a little about my story, I want to say that the website is coming together nicely, but you can probably tell that it is not completely done. All my wonderful writers have signed on again, which warms my heart beyond belief. And Christine Clemmer is coming back too! By the end of the month everything should be in good working order. I am reviving my Patreon page also, which will have content that can be found nowhere else, or will preview things before I offer them up to the world. So please check it out. It’s called The Cosmic Consciousness Channel. I have a new webmaster named Chrissy Carney who can do anything, and with her magical help I am bringing stories and reels to Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis. That too is content¬† found only there and nowhere else.

    As for me, many of you know I have been very ill for a few years. I had an autoimmune disease called Wegener’s and it flared up three times in the last ten years. Each time I nearly died, but I kept fighting, and working, until this last time, in November of 2022, when I collapsed and went into the hospital and stayed there, on my death bed, for 2 months. Then ten days of intensive rehab to learn to walk and breathe properly again. At that time (in January 2023) it was decided that I would get a kidney transplant. My kidneys and lungs and eventually my heart were all affected by the disease, but my kidneys took the biggest hit, but I stubbornly spent a lot of time and energy trying to avoid dialysis. When I went into the hospital, on Thanksgiving Day last year, I was automatically placed on dialysis, and I was too out of it to even know what was happening. The honest Truth is, if I had been given the choice I would have declined. But the Universe had other plans for me. The dialysis really helped me to be able to function again, but I was really sick. It was determined that I should have a kidney transplant, and they told me it could be years before a viable kidney became available. But again, the Universe had other plans for me.

    My daughter, Molly, who I adopted at her birth 28 years ago, offered up her kidney no questions asked. I literally did not ask her. She said that she knew for years that she wanted to do this. We didn’t know if she was a match, and honestly I didn’t think for a moment we would be, so I agreed. (I mean think about it: the thought of tearing up my precious daughter for a kidney did not sit well with me, and it took me a long time to come to terms with it). But unbelievably we learned within a couple of weeks that we were a match, and the surgery was set for February 4. It all happened so fast. On Feb 1, when I went for my last checkup before the surgery, the doctor said i wasn’t healthy enough. I went three more weeks on dialysis at home, determined to be well enough to get an okay from the transplant doctor. And I did. I had the surgery on February 23, just a little over 6 months ago. I have recovered well, but I am not 100% yet. That said, I don’t think I have ever felt better in my life.

    We are in between the Venus and Jupiter stations this morning. Venus has become the morning star after her recent 44 day retrograde. Jupiter is turning retrograde today and will spend some time helping us to integrate all the growth and awareness we have achieved these past months…

    I promise to be more present, even if its little by little, in the days to come….

    “If you only walk on sunny days you’ll never reach your destination.” ~Paulo Coelho

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