For the week of July 23 - 29, 2018:

Welcome to the midpoint of the Wormhole.  This week marks the halfway balance point, the 2nd of 3 eclipses, the total Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon in Aquarius, and the ultimate reboot that awakens consciousness through the densest karmic debris.  Anything can happen and everything can shift in the blink of an eye.


There are infinite possibilities in every breath, and the only way to be in relationship with the full potential of each moment is to let go of any expectation to what we think we know, and allow the full moment to emerge, thread by thread, layer by layer.  The universe reveals itself through an atmosphere of intimacy - as we open unconditionally with curiosity and Love, so will the universe.  The Universal Law of Love is infinite expansion.  The more curious we are, the more will be revealed.  We create a frequency of attraction and magnetism.  Curiosity is infinitely open; curiosity doesn’t know what it will find, therefore nothing is off limits, everything is exploration.


The unveiling of the mysterious realm has lost value and appreciation in the day and age of instant gratification and consumerism.  We want what we want instantly, we want answers, clarity, and enlightenment now, we want it guaranteed or our money back, and as a culture, we’ve lost the sacredness of not knowing what we're in for.  It’s considered a weakness or a vulnerability to not be in the know.  Rarely are we shocked and surprised, caught off guard, and swept off our feet by what we didn’t see coming.  And when we are, we usually want compensation or an explanation of some sort.  We place insurmountable pressure upon ourselves and others, and in doing so, we also lose the art of intimacy with the universe and each other.


When we think we know how the story goes (or should go), or even if we think we know exactly what the symptoms are revealing, the diagnosis of the situation, or the character description of the people around us, we project that assumption from the power of our belief system.  We see what we believe, and even if we’re wrong, we can assimilate enough evidence that looks convincing enough to buy into our own projections.  In this way, we actually disconnect from the intimacy that is available, and spin off in a version of story in our minds.  Part of the jolt of a spontaneous experience occurs when we’re suddenly caught off guard, catapulted out of our "spin-off" creation, back into the present moment, experiencing temporary disorientation from the shock.


These “spin offs” happen when we fall asleep at the wheel, when we day dream back towards old karmic patterns of familiarity and comfort zones, and project those patterns onto our current scenario, or onto other people.  The Aquarian Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse this week can provide some unexpected awakenings from the repetitive slumber.


The awakening occurs in a nanosecond.  Once light takes root in our operating system, prepare for massive transformation, in alignment with our highest vision.  This week holds the potential for alchemy.  Like lightning striking a tree, down to the root system underground, this is a week for spontaneous transmutation by the awakened force of Love.


The week begins on Monday 7/23 with Venus in a stepping stone with the Great Attractor, the Sun in a great eliminator with Quaoar, and Uranus in a great eliminator with MakeMake.   Curiosity elevates the heart to the frequency of the Great Attractor.  A closed heart won’t ascend to the universal frequencies of attraction, so it’s important to consciously choose to let go of assumptions, fixed beliefs, or limiting interpretations.  As we do, we awaken infinite potential, in alignment with the higher divine laws of the universe.


Tuesday 7/24 is a Sun Varuna new cycle, and a Venus Neptune bridge.  Through the 5D lens of unconditional Love, we’re able to access the highest cosmic scope of vision, revealing the enlightened heart.  Unconditional Love has no attachments or expectations, and therefore the heart is infinitely open.  The veils are lifted and confusion is cleared as the heart sees everything with divine wisdom, compassion, and acceptance.


On Wednesday 7/25, the Sun is manifesting with Chiron, and the Sun is in a stepping stone with Uranus.  We’re refining our personal mastery through every unexpected shake up and spontaneous awakening.  Mastering the spontaneous environment prepares us for anything by being fully present, in the moment, open and curious to all that’s occurring.  As we surrender our expectations and assumptions, we also surrender the automatic pilot “knee jerk reactions” that have served as limitations in the past, liberating ourselves from the chronic stories and conditions.


Thursday 7/26 is a Mercury Haumea resource, a Sun MakeMake resource, Mercury turns retrograde at 23 Leo, Mercury and Eris are manifesting, and the Sun is in a great eliminator with Saturn.  This is an important day, especially that Mercury is going retrograde a day before the Aquarian Full Moon/ Eclipse in it’s opposite sign.  Mercury retrograding in Leo tunes our inner Messenger towards the light of gratitude, blessings, and contagious joy.


When our minds automatically focus on the positive instead of the negative, when we calibrate our operating systems with Love as a default setting, our entire experience of reality shifts.  The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and is the generator of light and consciousness.  During this Mercury Retrograde passage, our mental body is turning inward to see the blessings with Love from all of our innermost personal experiences and perspectives.  If our inner dialogue has been programmed to fear, negativity, or judgment, this retrograde period is a time for massive reboot and elevation.  The Aquarian Full Moon will serve as a jolt to our operating system, to interrupt and reboot our thought patterns, communications networks, and inner process of interpretations and assumptions as we elevate to Love, systemically and holistically.   We’re installing the new framework for the New Earth, starting within our own system, accessing our personal power and authority to choose how to interpret our thoughts and our world.


Friday 7/27 is the Full Moon in Aquarius, conjunct Mars and the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) for a Full Lunar Eclipse.   This is a hugely important day, for so many reasons.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is the sign of Divine Love, ruled by Uranus, the Great Awakener, that interrupts our status quo in order to usher in new consciousness.  Aquarian energy awakens the future and delivers cutting edge ideas, thoughts, and visions for human evolution through the elevated frequency of Unconditional Love. The Great Awakener provides the unexpected jolt of lightning that infuses Light into the density of physicality, rocking our world, changing the game, and calling forth a new way of thinking, being, and responding.   Aquarian energy evokes intimacy and an atmosphere of unconditional Love and acceptance.  Where there is Love, there is acceptance for all things, even the most outrageous, out of the box, forward thinking expressions.  Aquarian energy goes against the social norm, for the purpose of awakening any slumbering followers of the status quo to get present and think for themselves.


This Aquarian Full Moon is conjunct Mars and the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) which provides a massive opportunity to awaken from the slumber of our blindspots and repetitive karmic loops, in order to get fully present and intimate in the current moment, and think for ourselves.  As we break free from the social norms of current society or ancient lineage and karmic root system, we bring ourselves to the cutting edge of a radical shift in consciousness.  We are the cutting edge of consciousness, in this moment, now.  If we fall back into old mindsets of the past, we’re not able to access what’s unfolding in this moment, now.  If we’re trying to understand or project ourselves into the future to gain solid footing of where we’re headed, we lose our seat of power.  Cutting edge is NOW.  Innovation is NOW.  Awakening is NOW.  Our willingness to be open, intimate, curious, and unconditionally accepting of all that is here now, is our key to liberation and freedom from the limitations of our past…as individuals, as a society, as a global community.


On Saturday 7/28, Venus is manifesting with Pluto, and the Sun is in a bridge with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra).  Our hearts become the alchemical mixing bowls of transmutation through the frequency of Unconditional Love.  Anything physical that is infused with Love, gains the power to shift, to transform, resurrect, and elevate to a brand new expression.  Which means that as we witness and reflect on our past, we have the power to transform and transcend any experience through the presence of Love.  Anything witnessed with the consciousness of Unconditional Love has the power to transmute.  We can clear our past through Love and Acceptance.  We can liberate from any wound by witnessing our journey, holding ourselves and others with Love.  The more unconditionally accepting we become, the more we liberate others, by freeing them from our own projection of limiting beliefs, judgments, and assumptions that only continue more and more of the past.  As we open unconditionally to what we don’t know, we invite in the cutting edge, unprecedented consciousness that can alter the universe and elevate the game.  The future exists in the realm of “I don’t know”.  The past is full of what we already know.


And Sunday 7/29 has no major aspects.  The Moon moves into Pisces, which allows us to reflect from the infinite realm of limitless possibilities.  All things are possible; our current state of consciousness is the filter that defines our reality.


The practice this week is unconditional acceptance and appreciation for what is unfolding now.  Notice the times when you feel disappointed, upset, or irritated by what appears to be occurring, and ask yourself why it’s upsetting you.  Disappointment reflects attachments and expectations, which limit and restrict our ability to be unconditionally open to all that is manifesting now in each moment.  Practice genuine curiosity, intimacy with the unknown, and soften to what you don’t yet understand or easily connect with.  In the unexpected opening, there is awakening of the highest order.


“Holding yourself and others in an attitude of acceptance, no matter what may be occurring in your thoughts and feelings, sets off a resonance in consciousness, a vibrational field that may touch others and change them.  It will certainly change you.  As you hold yourself in a state of compassion and acceptance, difficult emotional energies will eventually begin to even out.  And you will become clearer regarding your ability to make positive choices.   Then you will have entered another vibratory resonance, or what might be called an “ascended attitude”.                                  ~ Tom Kenyon, The Hathors

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