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For the week of May 30 – June 5, 2016

Wow, what an amazing journey, and another thrilling week coming up ahead!  Never before have we experienced so much collective awakening and the recognition of divine beauty and sacredness everywhere!  The more we maintain focus on navigating the inner transformation that is occurring – owning our Light while still untangling and unearthing our karmic threads- the greater the level of personal responsibility we experience, and our soul blossoms and flourishes from the nourishment of our own attention and awareness.  The more we liberate ourselves from the historical conditioning and patterns of limitation, the more exquisite and illuminous we become, and that energy is contagious, inspiring, and highly attractive.

We’re moving into a 6 vibration of June, which is all about the divine feminine yin energy, nourishing, receiving, opening, and allowing ourselves to be the infinitely expansive conduits of unconditional Love.   Because we’re still in the Gemini portion of June, intellectual creativity is high as we harness our ability to visualize and imagine a world of Love through our higher mind, and integrate it through our brilliant operating system/ communications network, thanks to Mercury.   As we vividly hold the multidimensional vision of the New Earth and the frequency of 5D Love, our emotional response is inspiration, excitement, gratitude, and joy…which elevates the collective vibration of energy on our planet, nourishing the awakening that is already occurring.   

We are feeding and supporting the global awakening hearts with our individual capacity and commitment to Love.  As we hold anything in our consciousness with Love, it flourishes.   What we focus on grows.  Where we choose to send our energy is where we’re building our future.  The mind is a powerful tool for directing and aligning our consciousness in the flow of our highest vision.   When we believe and trust with every fiber of our being, we become the embodiment of faith.  Fueled with Love, anything is possible.

Monday is Memorial Day in the US, a day of gratitude, appreciation, honor and respect for the lives served on behalf of collective freedom.   We approach completion for the month of May with a Mercury/Pluto manifestation (trine), the final of 3 since Mercury moved into his shadow at the end of April.   Our refined, extra sensory communications plug into the invisible realm for a final upgrade and reboot, manifesting some amazing new potential that will support in our ability to receive guidance as we navigate the huge events just up ahead.   The more we listen and tune in, the more support we can receive from spirit and from our higher Self.  Transformation is always preceded by chaos, and sometimes the chaos can create temporary static interference in our communications.    This upgrade will redirect us to another “channel” in the event of temporary disconnect from our usual operating channels.

This particular Mercury/ Pluto manifestation is joined by the North Node (our collective Soul Star Chakra) in a Grand Manifestation, bringing our individual work to a much bigger playing field, taking this massive upgrade into Non-Local Consciousness.  Imagine the collective consciousness receiving direct communications (frequency) downloads from Source, from the infinite invisible realm, activating the portal of our collective dharma, in a way that transcends any and all karmic ancestral patterning, and transmutes our collective DNA, jumpstarting new potential for creative energy to manifest at a higher octave (dimension).    As we reflect on the lives of service who have protected the collective freedom in the US, let’s upgrade that vibration to global freedom, beyond any human patterns and conditions of suffering, to liberate all of humanity to the highest octave of unconditional Love and Unity.

Wednesday is June 1st, launching us into that “6” vibration with a huge void Moon lasting almost 12 hours.   Inside that void Moon,  the Sun and Neptune form a stepping stone, allowing us to take a step up in consciousness for higher insight and a clearer perspective on anything we’ve been perplexed or uncertain about.   Enlightenment is nurturing, and no matter what is revealed in that stepping stone, we begin to relax and breathe easier just by seeing clearly.

Thursday delivers a beautiful Venus Neptune stepping stone that builds all day long, as our hearts become the higher ground for insight.   When in doubt, take a step up into the heart for a pure perspective of truth.   The still point of the heart is home, and it’s where the deepest truth can be felt, with crystal clarity.   The heart knows, and the heart is where we find peace beyond any illusion or doubt.   Stay present and open for the clearest messages to be revealed.

On Friday, we gain access to a Sun/ Saturn bridge followed by a Venus/ Saturn bridge.  Bridges can appear like oppositions or conflicts at first, and Saturn represents authority and can feel limiting from a 3D perspective.   But remember that oppositions transcend into openings and opportunities that bridge extremes, creating unification and evolution.   We are traveling beyond limits, and recognizing that we are the authority with full permission to create amazing new potential with our own consciousness and with Love.   We are the ones paving the way and building the unprecedented bridges that unify perceived separation.  Any moment of struggle contains a doorway to a higher dimension.   Choose to be the bridge builder.

Get ready for movement and magic on Saturday!  The Gemini New Moon holds true to it’s multidimensional prismatic nature, taking us on a scavenger hunt, beginning with a Sun/ Jupiter stepping stone, followed by a Venus/ Jupiter stepping stone, a wisdom crossroad with Saturn squaring Jupiter (and Neptune), helping us to step right up to the New Moon.  And that New Moon is bridging Saturn, squaring Jupiter and Neptune, and conjunct Venus…WOW!    Typical kaleidoscope fashion of Gemini brilliance!!! 

According to Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is Love in Action, movement generated by the powerful still point of the heart.   Every stepping stone is approached from the heart, and as we step up to an expansion of consciousness, our hearts are equally expanded and opened, allowing us to access wisdom from our social consciousness, which moves us to plant seeds of a brilliant vision for humanity.  Love and Service, infused with mental wisdom.   We must take the steps to reach the highest dimension of our minds before planting those seeds, and as we do, we step into our conscious authority as Leaders of Love, in a brand new cycle that honors the response-ability of the heart.

The practice this week is to stay in the still point of the heart and be responsible for your energy and attention.   There’s enough activity to make anyone’s mind spin, but the real movement can only occur when we take our seats in the heart, and allow the heart to move us.  Keep bringing your focus back to your Self and remain tuned in to the brilliant messages and insight coming in through the heart.   The only way to travel multidimensionally is to stay deeply present…the more present you are, the more places you can go at once.  Enjoy the ride!!!  This is truly the most exciting moment to be alive!!!

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